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Greetings Chummer....

I have, and other moderators of the design team devoted a signifigant portion of our life to the project in this group.  Shadowrun D20 was an attempt to capture the fresh D20 audience that was surging into the gaming community by creating a conversion of the SHadowrun 2nd Eiditon rules.  Our project succeeded.

Originally in discussion with FASA and then Fanpro, I gained permission to create the 'official' conversion.  We succeeded tremendously with a large population of interested gamers.  Then Two things happened:

First, Wizards of the coast released D20 Modern and D20 Future sourcebooks establishing standardized rules for firearms and cybertechnology.  One would think this would have made our job easier but it created headaches as we struggled to sill maintain the flavor andfeel of the old shadowrun we loved so well, while adjusting to fit the new rules.  Ten, Shadowrun rerelease into a 3rd edition.  For anyone who has not played this I strongly advise picking it up.  It takes into account so many problems Runners have complained about for years and truly contests D20 as a viable gaming system.

Since the itnerest has died down so much I have closed the project.  This site is still getting 30-40 hits a day, so I will leave the original files available here.  Many Improvements have been made since, but I am unable to upload them due to size.  I will release them via email request directly to me, see Link to right.

Good luck to all and thank you for your support.

The Grinning Kat.
The Grinningkat does scratch...when you can see him :-)
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