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This is the start of my AMC Hornet Section. Heres a little history on the AMC Hornet:
The Hornet was introduced in 1970 due to the retirement of the Rambler line. in 1970, the Hornet was offered in 2 Dr, 4 Dr, and Station Wagon. Trim Packages ranged from Base, SC (2 Dr Only), SST (Popular with 2 Dr, but some 4Dr and Wagons exist), and Sportabout (Wagons only). in 1971, the SC/360 was added to the 2 Dr lineup. In 1972, the Hornet SC/360 and SST were dropped due to emission standards and loss of sales. In 1973 AMC introduced their Designer Series vehicles, Gucci was the designer for the Hornet line. This year the Hornet was available in Base, "X", Gucci, and Sportabout D/L. in 1974, the Hornet had it's first makeover, and also a new body style known as the hatchback. This year the Hornet hatchback was available in the "X" package with the Rallye Gauge cluster. Trim options remained the same from 1973. in 1975 the Hornet saw another small change, the grille lost the center bar and round turn lights for the retangular lights and depending on model, either a chrome accented grille, or a totally blacked out grille. Also, the Sportabout became the base model for the wagons with an available "X" package. In 1976 the Hornet remained the same as the previous year on the outside, but received a change on the inside, with easier to read black on white gauges, along with several options made this the most popular year for Hornet. Trim packages were still Base, D/L, and "X". The Gucci trim option was dropped due to expense. 1977 became the final year for the Rambler Predecessor. This year the Hatchback was available in the "AMX" Package, which featured a large decal on the hood, a special red on black paint, with rallye style gauges, and a 4-Speed Borg-Warner Transmission standard. The Sportabout also received more options, such as the "X" package along with the rallye style gauges and 4-Speed Manual Transmission. on June 1, 1977 The last Hornet rolled off the line, behind it was the first Concord.
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