Old Route 66

~ My photo's from around 1947, 1952 - 1956 ~

My family traveled Highway 66 every year from about 1937 to the 1990's. We drove from Chicago to Tulsa Oklahoma. The photo's are original, taken by me on some of our Old Route 66 trips. I have several boxes of photo's from the 50's and will be adding more soon.

I want to help keep the history of Route 66 and the mighty Chain of Rocks bridge alive for generations to come. My children and grandchildren have heard me tell many stories of this road.

Before we were ready to get in the car my mother would fry chicken all day. We would have 2 or 3 chicken baskets with us as we headed for Chicago and Route 66. There were no large rest area's but the state had road side table's along the way. That is where we would get our chicken basket out. What fun it was to get out of the car and have a picnic! This was long before Diamond's Restaurant was build. One of the photos you will see is my dad and my aunt getting water from a pump. This is where they were building Diamond's.

Our first stop was the spring in the photo below. It was beautiful but probably is not there at this time. This spring had a very high cliff above it. The water was so clear you could see the sand on the bottom.

Most of the history about route 66 and Missouri came from my grandmother, Ada Dennis, who was born in Trenton Missouri. She told me of the "Jesse James gang" going through the hills where she lived. My grandfather, Tom Dennis, was born in Conway Missouri and they too had a visit from Jesse James. Conway was on the old route 66.

My father, Lindsy Scott, drove this two lane road every year to see his mother and family in Tulsa. He was a wonderful man. He never complained about the drive, in fact he usually took family and friends on the trip with us. The drive was fun for the children but I am not so sure it was for the adults.

I hope you have fun with these photo's from long ago.

"Swinging southwest by west from Lake Michigan, U.S. 66 crossed the rivers, plains, mountains, deserts, and canyons of eight states before ending 2,448 miles later on a bluff above the Pacific in Santa Monica California."

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We were at the river edge back in 1952
Going to the Mississippi River

Inside the Chain of Rocks Bridge 1952

Before the Mississippi river
we went through the Chain of Rocks Bridge Toll Booth.

Rolla Missouri going west

Inside Mermack Caverns
We could drive into the opening
We saw thse look alikes of the James brothers

state line 1937 ~ on route 66 ~

Getting water in Missouri 1952 - The location is where
Diamonds Restaurant was being built.
the first large Restaurant

Trial's End Motel ~ Old Route 66

road side spring ~~it was beautiful

early Cave image

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