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This site is good, it raises awareness about self injury. You can buy ribbons, pins, scarves etc here. Worth a look!
Breast cancer is so common nowadays. A friend of mine, her mother had breast cancer and it affected everyone badly. She survived, which is wonderful, but not everyone is as lucky.
Grey ribbon for Brain Cancer. My grandmother died from this a few years back. It's traumatic for anyone who has to witness someone deteriorate as she did. No-one should have to suffer as much as she did, and no-one should have to watch someone you love slowly succomb to the killer disease that this is.
I think it's worthwhile to help contribute towards making this polluted earth a bit better. It's too easy to sit back and let everyone else do all the work.
Like WWF this is a worthwhile cause, Greenpeace do a lot of work, and they need the support from as many people as possible
My other grandmother had Alzheimer's. Now while it didn't kill her, she was badly affected, and it was heartbreaking to watch her go slowly downhill every time I saw her. Some people think Alzheimer's is just when old people go a bit loopy, well it's not. When you see someone who used to be so strong, break down and cry because they don't understand what is happening to them, and you have to watch them every week, or every month, get worse and worse, their dignity smashed, you soon realise how devasting this disease is.
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