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SECTION   2                   How Psychology is caused by
                       Relativity- which proves that
                       God is caused by Gravity

     The discovery that Psychology is caused by Relativity begins with the discovery of the STRUCTURAL MODEL of psychology.  Although this model has been searched for since the time of Aristotle, it was not until the invention of Psychometry and modern high speed computers that the model was actually found.
     Hans Eysenck proposed that the model had 3 dimensions which he called Extraversion, Neuroticism and Psychoticism, ENP for short (see Fig. 3 to the left).  This was based on his 50 years of computerized psychometry work.  Psychometry is the mathematical analysis of the correlations that appear in psychology tests such as the Weschler and Stanford-Binet IQ tests or the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality test, and many others.  Raymond B. Cattells psychometry work also supported this conclusion.  The problem was that no one could explain WHY personality structure should be 3 dimensional.  Then in
1994 Hammond discovered and published the explanation.
     Hammond pointed out that the human brain is actually cleaved by 3 orthogonal planes (see Fig. 4 to the left).  Each of these cleavages causes one of the dimension ENP.  In Fig. 4 the ENP coordinate system has been superimposed on the 3 brain cleavages.  You have probably heard about "Sperrian Lateralization, the Left-Right brain.  This causes Eysenck's N dimension as Fig. 4 shows.  The E dimension is caused by the motor-sensory division across the Central Fissure also shown in Fig. 4.  These 3-axes of the brain are shown in Fig. 5.
     It turns out that the 3-axis cleavage of the brain is not accidental.  The entire human body has a 3-axis cleavage structure.  In Fig. 6 we have a diagram of the idealized vertebrate body taken from a popular textbook.  Note that the Medial, Lateral, and Transverse septums cleave the entire body 3 ways.  The three cleavages of the brain are just a continuation of this.
     It turns out that we can go one step further in tracing the origin of the 3-axes of the Structural Model of Psychology.  We can ask the question:  Why is the body cleaved in 3 directions?  It turns out that the answer to this is that space itself is cleaved into 3-dimensions.  Space itself is 3-dimensional orthogonal.  Because the body is a machine, it has to have 3-orthogonal degrees of freedom, and this is the origin of the 3-axis cleavage.
     So, we have answered the question "why is psychology 3-dimensional"-   the answer is "because space is 3-dimensional".  This then, is the beginning of the connection of Psychology to Relativity.  Relativity is the study of 4-dimensional space, what is called "spacetime".  We have just seen how Personality is

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6

Related to XYZ the 3 dimensions of space.  Then, recalling our discussion in Section 1, we see that if we add Intelligence (called psychometric-g) which is Mental Speed to ENP, we have a complete relation between the XYZt of spacetime and the ENPg of psychometry space.  Finally after years of speculation about a connection between Relativity and Psychology, we have actually found the experimentally confirmed connection.
     Now the next thing that happened is that Hammond, now realizing that Psychology was 4-dimensional, discovered that ENPg had a higher order Factor that was caused by brain growth.  Brain growth caused a "curvature" of ENPg space of exactly the same kind as Gravity caused of XYZt space.  And we immediately see why,  because psychometry space is caused by real space!
     Within a short time Hammond identified this higher order Factor of ENPg as "God"- the traditional God of history, the God of the Bible.  This identification is made by brain growth, as we explained in Section 1, God is caused by brain growth.  We have actually found a scientific, experimentally confirmed, axiomatic physics, proof that God is caused by Gravity.
     Here I would interject an interesting story.  Hammond is  not actually the first to stumble on this connection between perceptual reality and Relativity.  George Gamow the famous Russian-American physicist accidentally discovered it 60 years ago, but apparently didn't know what it was.  He wrote a science fiction story about what the world would look like if the speed of light was 10 mph.  He even drew pictures of it.  It turns out Gamow's world is real, but it is General Relativity (gravity) not Special Relativity (speed) that causes the phenomenon.  We now know why his story captured the public imagination and has been through 22 printings.  Gamow was actually describing reality- and God.
     Unknown to Gamow in 1940, Quantum Gravity in the Brain causes an enormous classical curvature in perceptual reality.  This causes an effect very similar to the effect he described in his story.  This quantum brain gravity was first proposed by Sir Roger Penrose and is currently the subject of large scale research by Stuart Hameroff and others.  This is described in Penrose's popular 1994 book,
SHADOWS OF THE MIND.  Readers should bear in mind that knowledge of the exact (quantum) gravitational mechanism involved is not necessary to demonstrate that God is accurately described by (classical) Einsteinian gravity.
     Now, the reader should not let the simplified synopsis presented above give the wrong impression.  Fact is, millions of man hours are involved in this discovery.  People like Aristotle, Newton, Descartes and a score of others have been looking for a scientific proof of God for millenniums.  300 years of Gravity, 100 years of Psychometry and Brain Science, centuries of Biology, Anatomy, Embryology and Paleontology have all contributed to it.



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