In 1994 a U.S. physicist named George Hammond published discovery of the long sought for STRUCTURAL MODEL of Psychology.   3 years later, as a result of that discovery, he accidentally discovered the World's first scientific proof of God.
   Published in the peer reviewed literature, readers  can  find out about this discovery by  reading the next 4 pages.   Readers desiring a more detailed treatment of the discovery are invited to read The Scientific proof of God which is a professional 20 page paper (split into 2 webpages).  You MUST however, read the following 4 pages before attempting to read that professional level paper.
   This 4-page introduction will  also orient the  reader to  the other scientific  documents  on this website which are contained in a
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                   CAUSES THE EXISTENCE OF GOD

   Fig. 1 describes the SECULAR TREND in human growth.  Man is growing larger over the centuries.  This effect is not genetic, it is due to increased nutrition.  Known for 100 years, this effect is so dramatic it has made the cover of Time Magazine.  A modern soldier is so much larger than his ancestors he cannot even fit into a medieval suit of armor for instance.
   This mean that Man has never been fully grown, and will only reach full growth in the distant future.  This means that the human brain is not fully grown.  There is a "brain growth deficit".  This deficit is shown in Fig. 2.  This is the Human Growth Curve.  As you can see the average person never reaches full theoretical (genotypic) size.

Fig. 1             The Secular Trend          50,000 BC - 7,000 AD

Fig. 2    Growth Curve Deficit-   Actual  vs. Theoretical Growth

No adult person is "fully grown".  Every person has a  "brain growth deficit".  Children have a very large brain growth deficit until they reach 18, but what the Secular Trend says, is that there remains a residual brain growth deficit in all adults even after they reach maturity.
    Just as children are less intelligent than adults (so called Mental Age) due to incomplete brain growth, we see that the terminal (residual) brain growth deficit will reduce the intelligence of all adults.  Because of this it has been found that worldwide Intelligence (IQ) is increasing in step with the Secular Trend.  This is known as the Flynn Effect.
   Now, modern research on Intelligence has proven that Mental Speed is the main biological component of Intelligence.  So a brain growth deficit reduces Mental Speed and this is why it decreases IQ or intelligence.  The brain growth deficit cause a sort of "time dilation" in human perception.  Shortly we will discover that it actually is a Relativistic time dilation.
   So much for time.  It turns out that the brain growth deficit also produces a "space dilation", an actual visible magnification of the size of the world.  The reason for this is easy  to see.  Children have very large (natural) growth deficits before they reach 18.  Because of this  the world looks much bigger than it does when they reach maturity.  By the same token, an adult who is not fully grown, which includes all of us, the world appears to be larger than it actually is.
    The net result of the Secular Trend then, is to cause the entire World to look larger and faster than it actually is, to every human being on Earth.  No one can see the true size and speed of the world!  This DIFFERENCE between actual reality, and visible reality, is the scientific cause of  God.
   Now, in fact, so far this has been pretty simple, and we can see why people figured all of this out of years ago.  That is why we have been talking about "God" for millenniums.  The problem is that no one could prove it.  Even the modern discovery of the Secular Trend and Intelligence is not enough to prove it.  It turns out that the discovery of Relativity was the missing ingredient in a proof.  The time and space dilations of Relativity had to be discovered.  Not only that, an actual experimental connection between the space and time dilations of Perception and the space and time dilations of Relativity had to be discovered.  In Section II we will discuss this new discovery of an experimental connection between Psychology and Relativity, the connection that constitutes the "proof" of God.


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