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The Woolwich branch of the family seem to have made two distinctive moves over the years, from Hellingly/Heathfield  Sussex, to Cranbrook in Kent, then later descendants to Woolwich, once a town in Kent now a suburb of S.E. London.
The initial move was made by JOSEPH GEER (bap' 1729 @ Heathfield ref:
H6 Sussex p.2) We must asume, rightly or wrongly, that Joseph moved to Kent after the birth of his last child, Elizabeth, born at Hellingly Sussex, 1764.

Briefly: Joseph had a son named JOSEPH  b.1760 @ Hellingly, Sussex,
ref: J4 Sussex p.2 whom married a MARY BLACKMAN. One of their sons was named HENRY BLACKMAN GEER, b. 1783 @ Cranbrook, ref: K3 Sussex p.3 obviously Blackman after his mother's family. Henry in his turn had a son named JOSEPH b. 1802 @ Cranbrook, ref: L1 Sussex p.3 This Joseph named one of his sons after grandad: HENRY BLACKMAN GEER b. about 1829 @ Cranbrook, Kent. The 1861 census shows this Henry as living in Greenwich, Kent, and Woolwich in the1871 census. and it is his branch that follows hereon. Obviously they moved from Cardiff back to Kent between 1856 and 1861. If I read the 1871 census correctly Henry, with the help of his wife and daughter Lucy, was a second hand clothes dealer in Woolwich. By the 1881 census there were just Henry and wife Mary now living in Plumstead, near Woolwich. Henry is listed as a Hammerman. Their children were no longer with them. Poor William Henry was placed in an asylum as an imbecile @ Caterham, Surrey, whilst both Lucy and Samuel were in the same workhouse.
HENRY BLACKMAN GEER born about 1829 @ Cranbrook, Kent, occupation listed as brass plate maker in 1851 census. He married MARY ANN STOKES a widow and a straw bonnet maker, born about 1825 @ Exeter, Devon. She is listed in the 1851 census as living in Exeter and head of the household, Henry was a visitor and listed as being born in Cranbrook. No other people in the house at time of 1851 census. HENRY died Mar qtr. 1890 @ Woolwich. Wife/widow Mary became a lodger in the house of her brother-inlaw THOMAS CHARLES GEER 
M3 below according to 1891 census. It would seem that Henry's line came to a sad end with no other issue or grandchildren.

MARY ANN ELIZABETH GEER born about 1852 @ Exeter.

WILLIAM H. GEER born about 1854 or 1857 @ Plymouth, Devon. Placed in the Metropolitan District Asylum for Imbeciles @ Caterham, Surrey, 1901 census. Died 1903 @ Godstone, Surrey.  (probably in the asylum).
LUCY GEER born about 1856 @ Cardiff, Wales. According to the 1881 census Lucy was an inmate at the Woolwich Union Workhouse and listed as a Charwoman. Marriage status unknown but still listed @ workhouse as GEER.  According to FreeBMD Lucy died in the June qtr of 1888 aged about 30.

SAMUEL PHILIP BLACKMAN GEER born about 1862 @ Woolwich, Kent. According to the 1891 census SAMUEL was an inmate in the Woolwich Union Workhouse and listed as a general labourer.
According to the 1871 census all the family were still living together in Woolwich.

(in the same asylum at the same time as William, 1901, there was an ELIZABETH GEER, born abt 1841, marriage status unknown. Listed as a lunatic and a wash laundress. Origin and family yet to be tracked down)
M3 THOMAS CHARLES GEER (links back to L1 JOSEPH GEER ref: Sussex p.3. ) THOMAS born 1833 @ Tenterden, Kent. A furnaceman @ The Woolwich Arsenal factory. Married SARAH ? born Swaffham, Norfolk (to be checked out) 1852. Issue:

THOMAS ERNEST GEER born 1872 @ Plumstead, (Nr.Woolwich.) Brass machinist.
(Born 1882 according to 1901 census) According to FreeBMD THOMAS died in the Mar. qtr of 1904 @ Woolwich.
EMMA B. GEER born 1875 @ Swaffham, Norfolk.
GALDEN (?) GEER born 1878 @ Lewisham. (Nr.Woolwich.)
EMILY GEER born 1883 @ Plumstead.
HENRY A. GEER born 1889 @ Plumstead.

Ref P6 sussex p.5   issue:

RONALD GEER b. ?  d. 1997 Mar': ?  issue:


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