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NB: dates are day/month/year
K3 HENRY BLACKMAN GEER baptized 20/11/1783 @ Cranbrook. Married 01/07/1802 to PENIANAH WESTMORE @ Cranbrook. HENRY buried 11/10/1804 @ Cranbrook. His widow remarried 17/02/1808 to SAMUEL HEWS @ Cranbrook.   HENRY'S issue:

1. JOSEPH GEER baptized 28/11/1802 @ Cranbrook. Ref L1.
2. ELIZABETH GEER baptized 20/05/1804 @ Cranbrook. Married 19/07/1825 to COLLIN TERRIL @ Cranbrook

L1 JOSEPH GEER Currier (leather work I believe).  Baptised 28/11/1802 @ Cranbrook. Married probably to MARY ? who was buried 04/02/1829 @ Cranbrook aged 32. JOSEPH remarried as a widower 15/02/1831 to ANN NEWICK @ Cranbrook. JOSEPH'S death registered March 1851 @ Cranbrook. No record of ANN'S death.  JOSEPH'S issue:

By his first wife MARY:
1.  JOSEPH GEER born about 1824 @ Frittenden. Ref M1     (Believed started the Woolwich line)
2HENRY BLACKMAN GEER born about 1826 @ Cranbrook.  Ref M2 Woolwich
By his second wife ANN:
3. THOMAS CHARLES GEER born about 1833 @ Tenterden Ref M3 Kent toWoolwich

JOSEPH GEER (currier like his father). Born about 1824 @ Frittenden near Cranbrook. Married 12/05/1849 to MARY SLARK @ Plumstead,  daughter of WILLIAM SLARK, tin plate worker, both of Plumstead, near Woolwich. JOSEPH'S death registered December 1892 @ Woolwich aged 68. His widow MARY'S death registered December 1902 @ Woolwich aged 80.  JOSEPH'S issue:

1.  EMMA GEER  BORN 19/05/1850 REGISTERED @ Greenwich. Baptized 19/05/1850 @ St. Mary Magdalen @ Woolwich. Marriage registered June 1876 to WILLIAM BRAMWELL LEDGARD @ Woolwich. EMMA and WILLIAM'S daughter ELSIE CONSTANCE LEDGARD, born 1877, married her cousin ARTHUR ERNEST GEER.
2. MARY ANN ELIZABETH GEER born 08/11/1852 @ Woolwich, registered @ Greenwich. Baptized 19/12/1852 @ St. Mary Magdalen @ Woolwich. Death registered March 1888 @ Woolwich aged 35.
3. SUSANNAH SIBILLA GEER born 23/03/1856 registered @ Greenwich. Baptized 23/03/1856 @ St. Mary Magdalen @ Woolwich. Death registered September 1874 @ Marylebone aged 19.
4. JOSEPH SLARK GEER birth registered September 1857 @ Greenwich. (See photo page.)    Ref N4
ALICE GERTRUDE GEER born 08/03/1864 @ Woolwich. Baptized 17/04/1864 @ St. Mary Magdalen @ Woolwich. Marriage registered Dec 1877 @ Woolwich.

N4 JOSEPH SLARK GEER birth registered September 1857 @ Greenwich. Married SARAH ANN BEALE March 1881 @
Woolwich. SARAH'S death registered March 1896 @ Woolwich aged 46. JOSEPH remarried December 1896 to MARTHA ELLEN @ Woolwich.  JOSEPH'S death registered 10/03/1916 @ Woolwich, aged 58. His widow MARTHA died 24/07/1932 @ St. Nicholas Hospital, Plumstead, Woolwich. (Ed's note: I myself attended this hospital during the 1960's)   JOSEPH was a clerk in the Royal Arsenal munitions factory at Woolwich (Woolwich Arsenal to give it it's full name. Not to be confused with North Woolwich across the Thames).  JOSEPH'S Issue by his first wife SARAH:

1. ARTHUR ERNEST GEER born 05/10/1881 @ Plumstead, Woolwich.  Died 1967 (daughter Joan) Ref P1
2. GRACE EDITH GEER born 12/11/1882 registered @ Woolwich. Death registered March 1970 @ Woolwich.
3. FRANK GEER birth registered Mar 1884 @ Woolwich. Died 03/12/1921 @ Woolwich.  Ref P3
4. ELEANOR GEER born 27/07/1885 registered @ Woolwich. Death registered December 1977 @ Greenwich aged 92.

JOSEPH SLARK GEER'S issue by his second wife MARTHA:
5. PERCIVAL HUBERT GEER, labourer, birth registered December 1897 @ Woolwich. Married ELSIE M. JONES
     registered September 1927 @ Woolwich. PERCIVAL'S death registered September 1968 @ Woolwich.  His issue:
     JANET MARY GEER Born 13/12/1932 birth registered March 1933 @ Woolwich. Marriage registered 1959 @ Hampstead
     to ELLIOT ?
6. HAROLD GEER birth registered September 1900 @ Woolwich.  Ref P6  sussex p.5
7. AUBREY SIDNEY GEER born 13/03/1905 registered @ Woolwich.  Ref P7 sussex p.5

P3 FRANK GEER birth registered March 1884 @ Woolwich. Married registered September 1907 to LILY BOWD @ Woolwich. FRANK died of TB 03/12/1921 @ Woolwich.  His widow LILY remarried Irishman McGRATH.  (Ed's note: He was a wonderfully kind man who treated us kids as though we were his own grandchildren. As for FRANK apparently he was very artistic and a painting he passed down to my father sadly disappeared after my father's death.)
FRANK'S issue:
1. JOSEPH GEORGE GEER born 25/11/1908  Ref Q1
2. FRANK HERBERT GEER (known to everyone as BERT).  Born 28/03/1911 @ Woolwich. Marriage registered June 1933 to HANNORAH (Norah) H. BARRY @ Woolwich. BERT'S death registered September 1978 @ Greenwich. BERT & NORAH had one daughter: KATHLEEN MARGARET GEER, known to us as Margaret. Born March 1935.
3. WALTER GEER birth registered September 1912 @ Woolwich.  Ref Q3
4. KATHLEEN M. GEER birth registered December 1915 @ Woolwich.  Married FALCONER in June1936.  (Other husbands: JACK CARRIER who died from Diabetes.  BERTIE ANDREWS.)  One daughter, JILL living @ Sudbury, Suffolk.  (Ed's note: not sure which was the father, Falconer or Carrier but we knew her as Carrier.)
5. GRACE GEER birth registered June 1920 @ Woolwich. Death registered Mar 1939 @ Woolwich aged 18. (Ed's note: According to my father Joseph George Geer, his sister died from TB. I believed this was an Eleanor not Grace).

Q1 JOSEPH GEORGE GEER born 25/11/1908 @ Woolwich. Marriage registered March 1932 @ Colchester to MABEL HANNAH RISEBOROUGH (From Matlaske, Norfolk), born 21/09/1908. MABEL'S death registered November 1987 @ Sudbury, Suffolk.  JOSEPH'S death registered March 1994 @ Bury St. Edmunds.  JOSEPH served in the Royal Army Corps of Signals, worked for the General Post Office (GPO) now Br.Telecom, and during the 2nd W.W. serviced teleprinters on local air bases. He also served in the Homeguard. He was a member of the RAOB, a good musician and a brilliant cribbage player.  JOSEPH'S issue:
1. FRANK EVERETT LEONARD GEER born 03/09/1932 @ Colchester. Marriage registered March 1955 to DOROTHY GOLDING @ Sudbury, Suffolk.  FRANK remarried Mar 1968 to MAISIE ? @ Chelmsford. One daughter from this issue 
      a.  LORRAINE TRACEY GEER birth registered June 1967 @ Chelmsford. FRANK now lives in Sydney Australia.
2. JEAN KATHLEEN GEER born 27/06/1934 birth registered @ Colchester. Married 01/09/1956 @ Woolwich to NORRIS HENRY, from Antigua, West Indies. Two daughters from this issue: CARLENE HENRY born 30/09/1958 and SHARON HENRY born 24/07/1961. JEAN moved to Sydney Australia and married DON BELL 03/08/1998. Now living in Perth W.Aus
3.  GEORGE EDWARD GEER born 18/11/1936 @ Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk.  Ref: R3
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