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Geer Times
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Editor's note: Although the page title is Sussex, this does not mean we are only dealing with Sussex Geers. It refers to the oldest known ancestor's origin, from there-on all descendants are listed where- ever their domicile. Please note, due to limited space & memory daughters wont be followed through.
NB: dates are day/month/year
A. JOHN GEERE (or GER) of Wivelsfield. Yeoman. Born about 1520  buried 14/3/1569 @ Wivelsfield.  Married JOANE who
       was buried 1/8/1569 @ Wivelsfield). JOHN was buried 14/3/1569 or 1570 @ Wivelsfield. His issue:
B1. ELIZABETH born ? baptized ? Married 17/7/1582 to THOMAS GURNER (or TURNER) @ Rottingdean
B2. ANNE  born          ?  baptized ? Married 15/1/1575 to JOHN HOWELL @ Rottingdean
B3. THOMAS baptized 20/4/1559 @ Wivelsfield. buried 3/5/1624 @Ovingdean. Married 23/5/1585 @ Barcombe to BARBARA BEARD, she was buried 15/6/1632 @ Ovingdean.   His issue:

THOMAS GEERE baptized 18/12/1586 @ Rottingdean 
Ref C1  (see also Rottingdean)
ELEANOR GEERE baptized 29/9/1588 @ Rottingdean. Married DERRICK CARVER 13/5/1611 @ Ovingdean.
BARBARA GEERE baptized 10/1/1590/1 @ Rottingdean. Married NICHOLAS PANCKHURST 14/6/1613 @ Ovingdean
JOHN GEERE baptized 18/3/1592/ or 3  @ Rottingdean. Buried 14/6/1618 @ Ovingdean.  (No REF No. at present)
ANN GEERE baptized 26/6/1596 @ Rottingdean. Mentioned in father's will but not the mother's.
DIONES GEERE Born about 1600 presumably @ Ovingdean (no records for Ovingdean prior to 1606)
Ref C6
ALICE GEERE Presumably born @ Ovingdean. Married STEVEN TOWNER of Kingston 24/10/1626 @ Ovingdean.
JOAN GEERE baptized 17/1/1607 or 8 @ Ovingdean. Married ROGER CARVER 21/12/1630 @ Ovingdean. (Apparantly the same day as her brother Diones).  Marriage Licence Lewes 20/12/1630.
B4. JOHN  baptised 31/3/1562 @ Wivelsfield. Yeoman.  Died between 25 Aug-Oct 1627 Probably @ Sidlesham. No reference to marriage date or wife.  His issue:

JOANE GEERE baptized 27/11/1589 or 90 @ Wivelsfield. Buried 3/1/1590 or 91. (Baby death).
JOHN GEERE baptized 11/2/1591 or 92 @ Wivelsfield. 
Ref C2
MARY GEERE baptised 5/10/1595 @ Wivelsfield. Buried 9/11/1595 @ Wivelsfield. (baby death).
JOANE GEERE (no birth/death details at present). Married WILLIAM TURNER 29/12/1619 @ Sidlesham.
JANE GEERE (no birth/death details at present). Married JOHN FAITH 15/7/1624 @ St.Peter the Great, Chichester.
ELIZABETH GEERE (no birth/death details at present) Married JOHN STAPLE or STAPLER  8/8/1614 @ Sidlesham.
ALICE GEERE (no birth deatils at present). Buried 30/12/1615 @ St.Peter the Great, Chichester.
ROBERT PRATT, servant of JOHN GEER, buried 13/9/1619 @ Sidlesham.
B5. DENNIS (or DIONYSE)  baptised 26/8/1565 @ Wivelsfield. 'Gentleman.'  Buried 21/10/1609 (or 1607) @ North Mundham.   Ed's note: no details of any issue at present.
B6. ALLEN no details except buried @ Wivelsfield 26/4/1569 presumed baby-death. (Editor's note: His mother, Joane, died 4 months later, was it through birthing problems ?

C1. THOMAS GEERE  BAPTIZED 18/12/1586 @ Rottingdean. Married MARY FRIEND 24/7/1620 @ Ovingdean. No exact death date but his will dated 6/3/1649-50. Probate PCC 25/4/1650  His issue:

THOMAS GEERE  baptized 14/10/1621 @ Wivelsfield.
Ref: D1
DIONES GEERE    baptized 10/10/1624 @  Ovingdean  Ref: D2

JOHN GEERE baptized 11/2/1591  @ Wivelsfield Ed's note: no details known of any issue of this John.

C6. DIONES GEERE  born about 1600 presumably @ Ovingdean (no records for Ovingdean prior to 1606). Married ELIZABETH MONCKE of Beeding 21/12/1630 @ Ovingdean.  Emigrated to Massachusetts USA in 1635. It appears his wife died shortly after him and his two daughters were sent back to Sussex UK.  His issue:

ELIZABETH GEERE baptized 21/11/1631 @ Ovingdean.  Alive at the time of her sister's wedding in 1650 as her sister was described as co-heir of her father.
Is this the BETSY GEERE mentioned in the legend concerning the Geere's involvement in the escape of Charles II to France in 1651 ?
SARAH GEERE  baptized 18/10/1633 @ Ovingdean. Married ROBERT PLUMER 8/10/1650 @ Piddinghoe.

D1. THOMAS GEERE baptized 14/10/1621 @ Wivelsfield. Died 7/11/1695 buried @ Ovingdean. Married MERCY DOE  3/11/1640 @ ? MERCY died 29/11/1671 buried @ Ovingdean.   It seems THOMAS married again unless it refers to another Thomas: Marriage licence Lewes, dated 3/7/1678 for THOMAS GEERE of Ovingdean to SUSAN BRIGDEN of St Michael, Lewes.  Widow  His issue:
MERCY GEERE born 8/9/1641 baptized 22/9/1641 @ Brighton. Buried @ Ovingdean. Date of death illegible on the gravestone. Apparantly there was another MERCY baptised @ Brighton 27/4/1651 daughter of THOMAS GEERE of Ovingdean.  (Ed's note: Dare we assume the first Mercy died in infancy and a second daughter was named Mercy? Not an uncommon occurrance).
MARY GEERE  presumably the daughter who married TATTERSALL marriage licence Lewes 28/11/1674
THOMAS GEERE born about 1641 buried 4/4/1706 @ Ovingdean.
Ref: E1
RICHARD GEERE  no d.o b. married ELEANOR POOLE 26/6/1675 His widow buried 22/11/1737 @ Old Shoreham. (His issue: ELIZABETH GEERE born about 1680 married 9/9/1702 @ Portsea St. Mary to JOHN POOLE.)
ELIZABETH GEERE  of Ovingdean married 8/1/1675/6 JAMES BANNISTER of Fletching.
CHARLES GEERE born about 1656. Buried 3/3/1739/40 @ Ovingdean. Probate Lewes, 10/5/1740
WILLIAM GEERE  born about 1658. Died 29/9/1712. Buried 1/9/1712 @ Ovingdean.
ROBERT GEERE born about 1662. Died 23/3/1711. Buried 26/3/1711
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