Links to family & genealogy websites you may find useful
A beautifully created and warm GEER homepage for those especially interested in Native American art and culture.
Thanks to Malcolm for supplying the Kent Geer branch. 
U.S. based genealogy data & link library
For those of you wishing to research the USA Geers stemming from the famous Thomas & George from Devon, this is where to go: Geer Family Association.
Geer family website in the Netherlands. Ok if you can read Dutch:
Paul Whatton's (& Geere) ancestry homepage:
Probably one of the best known sites for researching your family is
Church of Latter Day Saints.
You may find the answers to some of your queries here:
Jeremy's message board @
lists of genealogy websites and family homepages. well worth a visit.
Homepage of Nancy Trice, with Geer ancestry.  Kentucky, USA.
Specifically Geer:
an American family with Geer ancestry, some of whom were part of the Oregon Trail pioneers.
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