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The story we have been able to uncover details the King's last few days of hide and seek before eventually making good his escape by boat to France:
"...he was at Trent Manor and here he stayed for two more weeks. A romantic Royalist wife would in later days celebrate the house as 'the Ark in which God shut him up when the floods of rebellion covered the face of his dominions.' Friends went back and forth, trying to find a boat that would rescue the King from the Sussex coast. On Tuesday 6th. October Charles set out again....he stayed five days at Heale House, by Amesbury, where the widowed lady of the house knew who he was and made everyone very tense by flirting shamelessly.
On October 13th. he crept on to Hambledown, staying with friendly Royalists. The next day he made Brighthelmstone (Brighton). There he stayed at the George Inn. Charles spent his last night at Bramber before sailing away from England."

Editor's note: Apart from my little scene of an angry Cromwell the Information was taken from "DYNASTY" The Stuarts 1560-1807. by John Macleod. Published by Hodder and Stoughton 1999.   But, where does Betsy (Elizabeth) fit into all this. Was she the flirting widow?  Copied from a letter from Rev Mr. Morgan to Sir William Burrell dated March 1780, Burrell MSS. at the British Museum, No.5684 p93:-

"......when the Geers lived at Ovingdean Farm, Charles 2nd. lay concealed here, till he had an opportunity of embarking at Brighton. His person had such effect on the woman of the house that her next child (a very fine boy) was said to be the picture of the king."

What more can we say folks?
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                                       TEMPERS FLARE IN CORRIDORS OF POWER:
There were almost violent scenes in parliament today when Cromwell vented his anger on his generals, accusing them of negligence and incompitence as news reached him of the escape of King Charles. The Protector General also blamed the army for languishing and debauching in Inns, accusing them of  drunkenly quaffing ale and chasing after women. "How is it," he was heard to bellow. "One man can elude a whole damned army?"  He didn't hear the reply: "Ask the woman who hid him in her chamber."
Charles' latest love, Betsy Geere
I see Charles has made himself at home
Mt. Everest expeditions 1921, 1922 & 1924:  Apparantly a Mr. C.M. GEER was invited to join the expeditions as an artist.
I am awaiting further information from the Royal Geographical Society.  In the meantime, if anyone knows anything about this, please do let me know

Mr. ALFRED ERNEST GEER of 2. Stamford St., Chapel, Southampton, a native of that city, signed on at the last minute due to signed crew members not turning up prior to the sailing of Titanic. His occupation was recorded as Fireman/Stoker. He died in the sinking Titanic at the age of 24 leaving a widow. 
(Ed' : issue not known at present).
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                                             27th. December 1836
Tragedy at Lewes in Sussex. Avalanche kills 8.
England experienced one of the heaviest snowfalls since records began. It snowed to such an extent that it piled up on the chalk cliffs at Lewes, eventually, and tragically, to fall as an avalanche onto some cottages below. Of the 15 people buried 8 died. One of the fatalities was Mr. William Geer, aged 82. Subsequently a public house was built on the site and named the 'Snowdrop,' which still exists to this very day.   
thanks to 'racdaw' for this story.
                                             BY OUR COURT REPORTER
I wondered where Charles Dickens got the ideas from for his stories.

In the Old Bailey, today 16th. October 1717, Will Geer and Charles Longley, accused of being pickpockets!
The Geer & Longley association spans several generations, in London & Sussex.

Old Bailey, 12th. Sep 1759. Henry Geer, a servant of Samuel Johnson, acts as witness against a theft of households goods.
According to the Samuel Johnson website our SJ is not the famous one.

Proceedingss at the Old Bailey 30th. August 1786. Thomas Geer was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 28th. day of August,  a silk handkerchief, value 2s. The property of John Thornton. As Thornton didn't appear Thomas Geer was acquitted.

Mary Geer of Etchingham, (Henfield) Sussex, UK, sentenced to transportation to Australia in 1804. Her crime: Stealing the following items, valued at one pound and eleven pence. (1-00s-11p in pre-decimal).  1 looking glass; 1 tea cup; 6yds of linen cloth; 1 pair of stays; 1 bed gown; 7 yds of cotton; 1 pettycoat; 4lb of bread; 1 lb of pork. (Mary sailed for Australia on the 'William Pitt'    Many thanks to Jan, in Australia, for the information on Mary.)  Ref to 'Australia' page for Mary's line

SAMUEL GEER of Lewes, Sussex, born about 1805, aged 21 at time of court appearance July 1826, convict number 974  sentenced to transportation to Tasmania for 7 years. Sailed on the ship 'JOHN'  believed from London or Sheerness.
SAMUEL GEER aged 27 of Fletching, personal details as above.  Date July 1833. Sentence of transportation for life.

We must assume Samuel made his way home after the first 7 years, then fell foul of the law again and was transported for the rest of his life but at the moment don't know if it was to Tasmania or Australia. Transportation to the USA started in 1718, and to Australia in 1787.

SPORTS FLASH   Vernon Manie Geere picked to play for the South African Springboks.
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