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Sharon Bancroft's home page is a place to share recipes. Email me if you have a recipe to share.

Sharon Bancroft's home page is a place to order some of Sharon's Farmer's Market items that are mailable. Email me if you are interested in spice mixes, organic herbs and dry foods. Prices do NOT include shipping
Bran-granola -ready to eat. ($4.00)
Curry couscous mix which just has to be cooked -add water and butter ($2.50)
Tex-mex chili mix with recipe-medium hot and HOT.($1.50)
Decorative Tea Towels - ($5.00)
Organic powdered oregano - ($1.00)
Japanese Sea Salt - ($1.00)
Dried Sage ($2.00)
Dried mint ($.50)
Dried thyme ($.50)
Dried Basil ($.50)
Dried Oregano ($.50)

Sharon Bancroft's home page is ALSO a place to share knitting and crochet patterns!! Email me if you have a pattern to share or IF YOU WOULD LIKE KNITTING OR CROCHET LESSONS IN SPRINGFIELD AREA(reasonable rates).

This page was last updated on May 7, 2009.

TO THE RECIPES, KNITTING AND CROCHET PATTERNS and other LINKS (Including links to Sharon's Crochet and Knitting classes registration at OTC and also the Ozarks Crochet Club Website)


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