My SR2 'essigpisser' restoration project

(Click the pics for a larger version)

What does my eye behold betwixt the cobwebs and the junk?

By my word 't is a Simson SR2!

Original state on 23 august 2001. Only inflated the tires to be able to roll it about easier.

Note the slightly more recent Eastern European product in the background :-)

After cleaning out the clogged oil remains in the fuel shutoff valve and filling the tank...

It ran at the first pedal kick!

Some details...

Type and serial plate.

Note it is the relatively rare SR2, not an SR2E. The SR2 was made only from 1957 to 1959, for the DDR internal market. The SR2E was a more elaborate model for export from a later date.

Chassis serial number.

Speedometer and kilometer counter

Frontal view

Detail of tank with logo

To be continued...

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