arachnids ahoy!
-- a small, informative site on the love of spiders
(who says girls hate spiders?)

this is a small site dedicated to my virtual tarantula and arachnids, aka SPIDERS. i have a minor *crush* on these creatures. (pun intended)

the links below will provide an insight into why i favour these creatures.

1) why spiders are so attractive (to me)

2) a) my original virtual tarantula, "icky"    
--- notice her picture on the right?

    b) also, let me introduce you to my pet cyber spider, "ucky". hope you can take some time to play with her. (if you click on the "more" tab, you can feed her flies!)

adopt your own virtual pet!

    Say Cheezzzze, Icky!
3) so what are spiders good for, and why do we need them on Earth anyways?

4) some links which I like (not a long list, but useful)

5) a FAQ (with questions like: "who is the author?" and "where can I buy tarantulas in singapore?")

5) finally check out the web-rings that i'm a member of!

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