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Well I must say that I'm proud to be a Dockers fan for the first time in life. PROUD! Fremantle have now won 7 games in a row, and even if they lose to West Coast and Port Adelaide, that won't change anything! We have now comfortably made it into the finals, and are in the running for a top 4 spot. Yes we have an awful percentage, but that won't matter in the end, because we're more than likely to defeat Pest Toast Ee Girls, and the Spics! If Fremantle win the Premiership this year, there will be no more bagging from those annoying Eagles fans, no more being asked "why do you go for such a bad team?". Gee, what a new change of era! The only Freo game I've ever been to is the one against Collingwood in Melbourne, Round 18 I think, in the year 2003. I had to sit next to all the Collingwood fans, it was hell! Now,  don't have to go to another stadium to watch them play ever again! I can now watch them on a SONY 40-inch LCD Wide screen TV, and it's going to own so much! It's going to look good on Channel Ten Digital, so you can all envy since the TV is worth $5999. Anyways, That's all for now. Hopefully I can go on a holiday to Japan or South Korea by the end of the year or something by myself ofcourse! That's all for now, good bye! I hate you Robert Walls! Oh, and Shane Richmond from Dockerland is dead ugly!



All thanks to Dockerland.cum or whateva, i've been forced to close down my message board. Anyways, I'm thinking about making another message board where unfortunately everyone has to register, so spam from DOCKERLAND will no longer exist. Yeah, I will be using this website as a ranting thing, you know to rant about anything like how shite the Dockers did on the weekend, the players who fake injury on the field, the opposition teams that piss me off, the commentators who are really rude n annoying (who's that old hairy beardy one on channel 10?), oh yeah n how much Freo kicks ass! I won't be updating the pics or links section, but who cares! Now i've gotta clean up the guest book, so leave me alone!


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