One of the most unique beings in the world, surviving from the
darkest times in history exisiting for the millennia among mortals, feeding on them and using them to create more of its own kind in order to ensure the continuation of the species, perhaps in preperation for a final strugle between living and the undead. The vampire is a very personal entity, with highly defined traits and characteristics, well known throughtout the world. All people share traditions and knowledge about the vampire's appearance, activities, and powers. The vampire has been developed in literary and cinematic treatments evolving over the centuries into a glamourous being, but its roots in folklore remain primitive and bestial

Origins of the word Vampire

The word vampire has hazy origins, although scholars generally agree that it can be traced to the Slavic languages, with debates continuing as to its etymological sorces. The word may have come from the Lithuanian wempti("to drink"), or from the root pi ("to drink"), with the prefix va or av. The word vampire (or vampyre) arrived into the English language with two 1732 publications: the March translation of a report by the investigators looking into the case of Arnold paole of Meduegna and the May release of the article "Political Vampires."
****Please note that this is not my research. This is something I found a long time ago and can not remember the source. I am using this for non-profit reason's only for the benefit for us who would like ot know a little bit more on the history of the vampire. 1
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