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In my life I am always coming across different philosophys. Some of the following are my own and the others are from my dealings with different people.

The World is a Sweater

In science the atom is compared to that of the solar system. In another sense if everything is made up of atoms then what is to say that the atoms around us are not mutiple worlds. Maybe we are all part of one atom making up someones sweater.

- theory by M. Lau

A Parodox

"We are all going to heaven." The reason for this is beacuase no matter what choices we make they are influenced by the environments we live in therefore we are not responsilbe for the things we do. However, we can not blame society for the choices we make beacuase we have the ability to choose. If we had no outside influence we would all choose the "right" thing to do.
- A. Bezjak


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