San Florence, South Carolina (Florence civic centre)

"Zombie" by the Cranberries start to play as the theme of EWA's "Redemption". The camera fades in and shows the Redemption logo. Then red, white and blue fireworks enlight the arena. The crowd is going crazy as "Innovator" Damien Black is seen on the big screen executing his finishing move. Then the crowd is seen with their creative boards up in the sky. The camera zooms in on "Johnny Lambert 4 president!" and then on "Evan Crowley next IC Champ!". Then from under the curtains come Felix and Johnny. They walk down the aisle and sit down at the commentator spot at ringside. They put on their headsets and look into the camera.

Johnny: We are coming live! From San Florence, South Carolina! EWA Redemption is hitting you right now!

Felix: Welcome, this is Johnny and i am Felix! We are your commentators for tonight's exciting show! Forget about the WWE, forget about all those wannabe e-fed's out there, THIS is were it happens.. this is were the action is hot! You are at the right place, at the damn right time!

Johnny: We have an explosive show here tonight, we are going to start off with the free 4 all match up! "The New F'N Diamond" Simon Poole will face The Freak!

Felix: A tag team match between Brian Karagias, Damien Omega and Titanium and Mayhem!

Johnny: Then, ladies and gentlemen, HELL IN A CELL... the most gruweling match of the night between The Shit and George "The Bullet" Lamere!

Felix: Furthermore, a nice one... the Intercontinental championship is on the line.... "Crippler" Evan Crowley and Tommy Starr are the two guys battling here for the title!

Johnny: And then, last but absolutely not least, the main event... "Innovator" Damien Black and "The #1 Stunna" Johnny Lambert... one on one!! I am dying to see this one! Hell yeah!

Felix: Yes, it'll be an i quit match but NOT for the title!

Johnny: The match that was in the picture for the past week, "The #1 Stunna" and the "Innovator" were talking trash, and it seemed that Damien Black was a little unsure and a little tense when he spoke about his match tonight... look at this...

**Flash Back to october 21, 2003 at EWA Extravaganza**

Damien Black: Now I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but I don't have much time tonight as I have some important business to attend to. But I thought I'd come out here and say a few things about my opponent at Redemption, Johnny Lambert. Now Lambert seems to think he is THE man around here. Well if he beats me at Redemption then and only then will I believe that. You see right now I'm the Wold Heavyweight Champion, the first ever EWA World Heavyweight Champion I might add and that makes me the best, the number one guy around here. So until Lambert beats me, until he pins me for the three, or as it must be at Redemption, makes me utter those words "I Quit" I will remain the number one guy in this company.

Damien throws down the mic and storms of to the back

Johnny: Well... did you see that?

Felix: What?

Johnny: I am sure and VERY positive that i saw him... hmm, i don't know... the champ was unsure and very tense when he said that...

Felix: What are you saying? He's scared?

Johnny: No not scared but a little... i don't know, tense... unsure of the match i guess

**End of Flashback October 21, 2003 at EWA Extravaganza**

Johnny: Well, as you could see, Damien Black was really tense during that comment on Lambert.

Felix: Well, he should be scared, Johnny Lambert is going to take him apart. Lambert took Jimbo out in seconds and he defeated Simon Poole with ease!

Johnny: You ARE talking about our first ever champion, Felix. Show a little damn respect for him. The man is not champion because he won the belt with a pack of chips!

Felix: Whatever.....

"The new F'N Diamond" Simon Poole vs The Freak

"Simon say" by Drain start to play over the PA system. Lights flicker and on the big screen, Simon Poole is seen being pinned by Johnny Lambert. The crowd start a "U suck" chant, mixed with "Booooring". Simon Poole and Daniella Dragmire walk down the aisle as Poole looks at the big screen and sees himself being pinned. His face turns dark and he takes Dragmire to the ring. He steps into the ring and holds his woman.

Ring announcer: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is the first match of the night. Currently in the ring, from Stafford, England weighing 175 pounds, "The new F'N Diamond" Simon Poole!

Johnny: Well, as heel as he is, he does not like what he saw on the big screen!

"Welcome to the freakshow!!!" is heard over the speakers followed by "Let the bodies hit the floor" by Drowning pool. The Freak is seen walking down the aisle as the crowd scream "Sell out" to him. The Freak looks confused as he steps into the ring and looks at the crowd. Then he puts up his middlefinger and focuses on his opponent right in front of him.

Ring announcer: His opponent, also in the ring weighing 250 pounds, from Cincinatti, Ohio... The Freak!

*Bell rings*

Johnny: They are in the ring and the first punch can be launched!

Daniella Dragmire steps out of the ring as Simon Poole opens the ropes for her, then The Freak immediately attacks Simon Poole. He grabs his back and executes a shoulder to the back followed by a back rake. He turns him around, irish whip into the ropes, he returns and The Freak takes Poole down with a nice powerslam!

Johnny: Good move executed by The Freak, and it's nice for The Freak to wrestle a very light man.

Felix: He can throw him anywere he like...

The Freak takes him up on his shoulder, shoulder breaker executed on him and as he hits the floor, The Freak takes him back up and rams him back down with a clean face buster. The Freak stands up, hold the top rope and taunts the crowd who give all the boos they can. The Freak make a "i don't care" impression as he turns around and gets nailed with a kick to the gut by Poole. Poole takes over the momentum and hammers Freak down with a clothesline, and a quick elbow to the neck area.

Johnny: Simon Poole showing that you don't want to mess with this guy!

Felix: What? That little piece of trash? haha i always wanted to say that... yeah!

Johnny: Why don't ya grow up, Felix. Look at how relentless he's punching away on the Freak!

Poole grabs the head of The Freak and punches it, he whips him into the ropes with a powerful irish whip, as The Freak bounces of the ropes and comes back, Simon Poole locks the head and goes for a suplex, The Freak locks the leg, Poole again for the suplex and this time it connects!

Felix: Damn, how the hell could he get the Freak up there?!

Simon Poole grabs his back and looks hurt. He takes up The Freak, punches him in the face, kicks him in the gut and elbows him again in the facial area. He then whips him in the ropes and executes a good round house kick to the face of The Freak. The Freak is being grabbed by the hair and taken back up. Simon Poole lands a hard right to the face of his foe and throws him down with a nice lariat. As The Freak lands on his back, Simon Poole doesn't waist any time and jumps onto him, he strikes him with some furious hard forearm smashes!

Johnny: Simon Poole is doing what no one thought he was going to do here!

As Simon Poole continues the beating on The Freak, The Shit is walking down the aisle. The crowd give a massive negative pop as the big man strutts down the aisle and rolls into the ring.

Felix: What the hell is HE doing?!

Johnny: He's going crazy! The Shit has a match of his own, and now he's just standing there with a smile on his face!

The referee hold back The Shit as he aproaches Simon Poole who stopped beating on The Freak who has a little blood above the right eyebrow. The Shit pushes away the referee who falls out of the ring and is knocked out. The Shit grabs the throat of Simon Poole, but Poole kicks him in the crotch and sends him into the ropes, The Shit bounces off the ropes and Poole goes for the dropkick, but misses as Th Shit sidesteps it and kicks the face of Poole, The Shit brings him to his feet and takes him up.... DOWN with a thunderous Spike piledriver!!

Felix: Oh my GOD!

Johnny: Did you see that!? He just pinched him right INTO the mat and there is no way that Poole is kicking out of that!

The Shit rolls out of the ring, grabs the ref and rolls him into the ring. The Shit walks back to the locker room area and as he does, the crowd are throwing cans and paper bags to him. As the shit reaches the curtains he turns around and shows us a smile, then he dissapears to the back.

Johnny: OK, now the Shit is gone, and The Freak is getting back up..

Felix: Yeah, and the referee is back to life!

The Freak is stunned but back on his feet as he sees Simon Poole on his back. He goes for the cover..

1..............2.............shoulder up by Poole.

The Freak looks at the crowd in disbelief and goes for another pin..

1..........2.........kickout by Poole.

The Freak takes Poole back to his feet, into the ropes... as he bounces off, The Freak nails a swinging neckbreaker on him! He walks over to the turnbuckle, climbs it, but as we can see he changes his mind and walks back to the centre of the ring, he picks up Poole, takes him into a torture rack..... and pushes him up and down for a backbreaker!

Johnny: HOLY SHIT! he killed him!

The Freak goes for the cover...


*Bell rings*

Ring announcer: The winner of this match, The Freak!

Johnny: Well, Simon Poole and his manager, the lovely Daniella lost the match, and well i don't think this will get any better. Simon Poole had some tough opponents lately, i believe Johnny Lambert was the last and look what happened. Was the man injured in that match or something?

Felix: All i know is that i lost a lot of money that night!

Johnny: Well, the first match is history! What's up next?

Felix: Well the match that will write history! The first ever Tag Team match in the European Wrestling Alliance! Damien Omega/Brian Karagias versus Titanium and mayhem!

Johnny: This one will be a cracker! It all started with a mistake that Omega made against Mayhem!

Felix: You don't make a mistake, you cannot hit a wrestler that you don't intend to hit! Impossible! So he deserves to be on the wrong side!

Johnny: What the hell are you talking about?! Omega isn't on the wrong side, he's with Brian Karagias, the man formerly known as Rampage... a brute... an animal!

Felix: Well, you can say all you want, but i don't think that Titanium and Mayhem will give this one away.

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen, we are going live to the locker room of Brian Karagias!

The Cameracrew films Brian Karagias pacing around in his locker room. The Reporter stops him and asks him a question... as The reporter starts, the door swings open and Mayhem barges in with a steel chair. He knocks out Karagias and slams the chair again against the side of his skull. Then after six or seven more, Mayhem chunks the chair away and walks out.

Johnny: Oh no! What a low way to get the early advantage!

Damien Omega/Brian Karagias vs Mayhem/Titanium

Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first ever tag team match!

"Nothing 2 lose" by 2pac shakur start to crush over the PA system. Then 2pac is shown on the big screen followed by images of Titanium. As soon as the song plays on, Titanium is seen walking from under the big screen. With his black and white trunks on he walks down the aisle and he's being booed by the massive crowd.

Ring announcer: Coming down the aisle, from New York, weighing 210 pounds, Titanium!

Titanium uses the steps to step up the ring apron and into the ring through the top and the second rope. He taunts the audience as he walks around the ring.

Ring announcer: His partner from Weymouth, England weighing 325 pounds.... Mayhem!

"I believe in a thing called love" by Darknes starts to play over the sound system and the crowd jumps up. On the big screen, the letter M-A-Y-H-E-M appear and from behind the curtains comes Mayhem. He looks around and then to the ring. He spots Titanium and laughs. He strutts towards the ring, high fives some of the fans and he receives a mixed reaction. He looks very confident as he steps into the ring.

Johnny: Our first ever Tag Team matchup!! We are ready!

Mayhem walks past TItanium and jumps the turnbuckle and just looks at the crowd that again, gives him a mixed reaction. As he jumps off the turnbuckle he music fades.

Felix; Well, they are partners but i don't believe these guys are good friends.

Johnny: Nobody in the EWA are actually friends.... The more you got, the more friends you seem to have!

"Stranger Inside" by Shinedown starts to play over the PA system.

Ring announcer: Their opponents, from Forest hills, New York, weighing 356 pounds..... Damien Omega!

Omega is seen walking down the aisle. He stops and looks at the crowd. He spots a fan with a "Damien Omega, u got pie?!" then Omega walks over to that particular fan and takes the sign. He raises his eyebrow and smiles then he returns the sign and high fives the fan. He walks on down the aisle and stops in the middle... suddenly his music is taken over by ""Big Pimpin'" by Jay Z. Then Omega turns around and claps.

Ring announcer: His partner from San antonio, Texas.... weighing 327 pounds... Brian Karagias!

Brian Karagias walks from under the Big screen, limping a bit after the attack in the locker room by Mayhem.. He walks over to Omega and smiles, then he looks at Mayhem and gives him the sign for the Sniper. Then both men run towards the ring and roll in.

*Bell rings*

Johnny: We are going to get it on!! Rampage in the ring!

Felix: Rampage?

Johnny: I mean, a massacre in the ring.. mayhem!

Felix: Mayhem?

Johnny: Never mind! Have a look at this! Brian Karagias is looking beat, but he still managed to get to the ring and start the fight with a roll into the ring!

Karagias goes after Titanium, but Mayhem comes between them. TItanium steps out of the ring and onto the ring apron and so does Omega. Karagias throws a hard right to the face of Titanium and connects. Then A rough left forearm to the side of the face of Titanium. BK throws him into the ropes, bounces off and Karagias takes him down with a nice lariat. He jumps on him and start to punch away!

Johnny: Some hard right and left punches executed here by Brian Karagias!

Karagias takes his opponent back up, takes him on the shoulder and goes for the Sniper!!! Titanium rolls off and rolls right out of the ring!

Felix; Damn! That was close, Titanium almost got finished with the Sniper here!

Brian Karagias smiles at Titanium and tags in Damien Omega. Omega comes in and so does Titanium. After a brief rest Titanium and Omega lock up, Titanium kicks his opponent in the gut and nails a hard right. He whips him into the ropes, but Omega reverses it, here comes Titanium, Omega misses with a hard clothesline, Titanium turns around, russian legsweep! Titanium wastes no time and takes Omega up. hard right followed by a vertical suplex! He goes for the cover..

1..................kickout by Omega.

Johnny: how the hell did he managed to get him up there!

Titanium takes Omega back to his feet, smashes a hard right kick to the lower section... whips him in the ropes and executes a good elbow to the face. He takes him back up and locks in the waistlock into a waistlock takedown. He grabs the arm and locks in the armlock. He puts the pressure on his elbow and tries to make Omega submit. Omega turns and rolls up Titanium into a small package..

1..............2........kickout by Titanium!

Felix: Mayhem was nervous there, he saw his partner being rolled up.

Titanium takes up Omega, whips him into the turnbuckle where Mayhem is waiting. Titanium taunts Karagias who steps into the ring. The referee stops him and Titanium and Mayhem are working on the head of Omega who has no idea where he is. Titanium takes the head.... locks it for the powerbomb, but he can't get him up... reversed by a backdrop to the outside of the ring by Damien Omega!

Johnny: My GAWD, Omega just threw Titanium over the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring on the cement floor! This is going to leave a mark!

Felix: Yeah, but don't forget... Omega is in the ring and crawling to Karagias!

Titanium hold his leg and it seems he hurt his knee. He stands back up slowly and witnesses Omega tagging in Karagias, TItanium rolls into the ring and throws a hard right, missed because Karagias ducks, another punch by Titanium, and misses! Karagias takes the arm of Titanium and executes a superb armbreaker in the middle of the ring! karagias then points to Mayhem and wants him in the ring!

Johnny: No!! Don't do that, just pin him!!

Felix: Don't you want to see a good match!? Let mayhem come in and destroy that Karagias fella!

Titanium is being whipped into the turnbuckle and Mayhem tags himself in. Mayhem steps into the ring and they cricle around. Then in the middle of the ring they lock up. Arm twist by Karagias countered with an armdrag takedown into a hammerlock, Karagias rolls out, executes a punch to the face, countered by Mayhem into a neckbreaker!

Felix: Fast paced action! I love it!

Mayhem jumps up and spreads his arms to make the people boo at him. Mayhem doesn't really care and picks Karagias back up. Punch to the head. Sends him into the turnbuckle! Charges in and executes a shoulderblock! he grabs the head of Karagias and executes a Tornado DDT! He goes for the head and executes a reverse chinlock!

Johnny: Karagias now in a tough position, this is a good moment to give up now Brian!

Karagias puts his leg on the ropes and the referee unlocks the hold. Mayhem steps up and grabs the legs of his opponent. Slingshot executed! Mayhem tags Titanium back in.

Felix: I don't know if this is the right move to make. Titanium has a knee problem here..

Titanium takes Karagias up and Karagias executes a rough uppercut to the face of Titanium, he goes down and Karagias crawls to Damien Omega. He tags him in and here comes Titanium, beaten down by Omega, Mayhem is in the ring and he's being taken down with a spinning powerslam! Titanium again for a kick to the face, leg held by Omega, but Titanium kicks him down with a great enziguiri!

Felix: Hell yeah! Great move on the side of Titanium.

Johnny: Titanium kicks his opponent down with a great move and i don't think that Titanium is done here with Omega!

Titanium takes Omega up, locks the head goes for the suplex, but countered by Omega with a Fisherman's suplex!

1..............2..........Mayhem kicks Omega off Titanium and steps back to the ring apron.

Omega takes Titanium back to his feet, sends him into the ropes, misses for the boot to the face, Titanium comes back and goes for the Lariat that has been dodged by Damien Omega!

Felix: Owh...

Damien Omega takes Titanium back up, pulls him to the corner, tags in Brian Karagias and the execute a double suplex! Karagias for the pin...

1..............2........foot on the rope by Titanium!

Brian Karagias takes up Titanium, takes him up on his shoulder and goes for a shoulderbreaker, Titanium manages to slide off the shoulder and executes a low blow!! Karagias goes down on his knees! Titanium runs towards the corner and dropkicks Damien Omega on to the cement floor! Titanium tags in Mayhem that comes in and picks up Brian Karagias! On the ring apron, Titanium is looking at his hurt knee. Mayhem whips Karagias in the ropes but hits Titanium! Titanium falls down on the cement! Mayhem looks shocked, but takes down Karagias with a kick to the midsection followed with the Carnage! He goes for the pin, but the referee is looking at the outside to Titanium!

Felix: Referee!!! A pin in the middle of the ring!!

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen, Karagias is being pinned by Mayhem! Omega is out cold on the outside of the ring and Titanium is being looked at by the referee.. and oh what the hell is THIS!?

Felix: Oh nooooo!! That is.... RENEGADE! The newest EWA wrestler... and personal friend of Brian Karagias!

Renegade slides into the ring and kicks Mayhem off Karagias, he gives him a hard right and takes him to the turnbuckle.. he locks him in.... POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP! Renegade rolls Karagias onto Mayhem and rolls out of the ring. The referee looks back and spots Mayhem being pinned by Karagias...


*Bell rings*

Felix: Oh noooo! Damnit.... damn you Renegade!! DAMN YOU!

Titanium stands back up.... looks to the inside of the ring and Omega takes Karagias out of the ring to support him back to the locker room area.

Johnny: Ohhh, Mayhem is going to make sure that Karagias and Renegade will have hell to pay because of this! I swear!

Felix: What the hell do you mean? Mayhem attacked Brain Karagias in the locker room earlier!

Titanium rolls into the ring and looks at the exiting winners of the match. He looks at Mayhem and helps him up. He puts his arm over his shoulder and talks to him.

Ring announcer: The winners of this match, Damien Omega and Brian Karagias!

Mayhem holds the top rope and looks at the winners. He kicks the lower rope and Titanium begins to laugh.... he jumps up and down and bounces off the ropes. He laughs at the crowd and he laughs at Mayhem.

Johnny: This can't be happening! Titanium was playing possum on the outside! What the hell is this!?

Titanium runs towards Mayhem and goes for a lariat, but Mayhem saw that on the bigscreen! He turns around and dodges the move! Kick into the midsection of Titanium, Carnage executed!!

Felix: YES! HAHAHA Titanium was being screwed back by Mayhem who as we speaks spits on him and leaves the ring!! What a moment!

Johnny: Well, for those that just tuned in, Mayhem attacked Karagias before the match started.. then Renegade a close friend of Brian Karagias, interfered in the match and Karagias and Omega won it. Then Titanium attacked Mayhem, but Mayhem reversed it with a Carnage!

Felix: Four people tried to screw Mayhem out of this match! And after the match it's Titanium who's being screwed!

Johnny: You can bet your ass that this war isn't over!

Hell in a cell match:
The Shit vs George "The Bullet" Lamere

The EWA camera's show the Hell in a Cell cage that's being lowered from the top of the ceiling.

Johnny: Oh no.. the moment is here... two giants will face each other after a long feud in the EWA! The Shit versus The Bullet, Lamere verus Shit... this is going to happen right now and i can't wait!

The Hell in a cell is lowered and the corners are being bound down good by EWA employees. Then the referee for this match walks down the aisle and checks the cell.

Ring announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match will be a "Hell in a cell" match. The rules are as followed. A pin will result in a match end and so does submission. Everything is possible in this match and everything in or under the ring is available to use in the match....

The crowd goes crazy.

Johnny: Everything is set for this match.... a match for the big men here in the ring!!

Ring announcer: And now the competitors.......

Shots are heard over the speakers. "Rock your body" by Justin Timberlake plays over the PA system. The crowd gets up on their feet and try to get a glimpse of their favorite superstar. An "EWA chant" is started and a "Bullet, shoot yourself out of this arena" sign is seen. George "The Bullet" Lamere walks down the aisle and looks at the cage with an intense look on his face. The referee opens the cage door and Bullet enters the ring.

Ring announcer: From Paris, France... weighing 384 pounds....... George "The Bullet" Lamere!

Felix: Here is Lamere and why the hell is he going to compete... he knows he can't win!

Ring announcer: His opponent, from Parts unknown... weighing 320 pounds.... The Shit!

"HOLY SHIT!" is heard over the PA system. The curtains slide away and The Shit appears as the crowd goes insane and boo at him. The Shit doesn't seem to care about all of this and he strutts towards the ring. The Exorcist theme plays over the sound system as the referee hold open the cage door and The Shit walks in. Then the door is being closed and locked.

Johnny: Wow... The Shit is even bigger than The Bullet Lamere!

*Bell rings*

Johnny: Well, ladies and gentlemen, as we just had our first ever tag team match, now we have a first ever Hell in a cell match!

Both wrestlers walk in circles around in the ring. They keep eye contact, then suddenly The Shit and Bullet lock up and The Shit immediately gives his opponent a kick in the midsection and gives him a hard punch to the face. Another knee to the gut and a fist to the neck is executed! Right now The Shit sends The Bullet in the ropes and takes him down with a hiptoss and that one makes the ring shake.

Felix: Well, a simple move made the ring almost fall apart! DAMN!

The Shit grabs the head of his foe and takes him up. He sends him into the ropes again, as he comes back he takes The Bullet down with a stiff right to the face of The Bullet, The Bullet stays on his feet and he gets kicked in the stomach by The Shit, he grabs his arms, and executes an underhook suplex! The Shit poses for the crowd and the crowd instantly react very negative to him. The shit makes a throwing sign to the fans and takes up The Bullet, he sends him into the ropes and follows him to knock him over the ropes against the steel cage and face first to the side of the ring between the ring and the steel hell in a cell.

Johnny: Well, the first wrestler to interact with the cage is George Lamere! Damn!

George Lamere struggles to get back up but as he does, The Shit hammers in with a baseball slide and Bullet smashes against the cell. The Shit rolls The Bullet into the ring but hold on to his head. He smashes a hard right to the neck of George Lamere. The Shit climbs the ring apron and lands a legdrop to the neck of The Bullet! The Bullet falls back out of the ring. The Shit laughs and again takes The Bullet back to his feet. He grabs his head and scrapes it over the cell!

Felix: Oh god! This is gruweling! Horrible! George Lamere is busted open!

Johnny: The Shit is going to have this one win!

The Shit walks over to the other side of the ring and runs to The Bullet.... he barges in with his knee but The Bullet slides away and as he grabs his head he smashes the head of The Shit onto the steel ring post! The Shit is bleeding too now from just above his eye. George Lamere staggers a bit and lands a big shoulder into the back area of The Shit who screams it out. George Lamere wipes the blood away from his forehead and rolls The Shit back into the ring. He follows him in.

Felix: Well, two men bleeding here... and two men who have a lot of difficulty to get back into the ring.

George Lamere bounces of the ropes and goes for a leg drop. Connects! Lamere takes up The Shit by the head, elbow to the back of his head, stiff punch to the face and then down with a Spike Piledriver!

Felix: I have never seen a move like that by two monsters!!

The Shit is being pinned....


George Lamere stands up and holds the top rope. He looks at the crowd and seems a little disturbed. He walks over to his opponent, takes him back to his feet, executes a eye rake and sends him into the ropes, but he's been reversed into another irish whip, here comes The Bullet... The Shit drops himself down, locks the feet of The Bullet and Lamere just falls with his throat down on the second rope!

Johnny: Nice move by The Shit!

The Shit gets up with the upmost difficulty and he goes for the pin...

1..............2..............shoulder up!

The Shit is getting irritated and takes him up... sends him into the ropes and he comes back Shit misses for the clothesline, Bullet bounces of the ropes again, Shit misses for another clothesline! The Bullet stops, turns around goes for a hard right, misses cause The Shit ducks, The Shit goes for a rough uppercut, misses, The Bullet grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes... he followes the Shit and knees him into the back area followed by a back rake. The Bullet takes the Shit into a waistlock, into a belly to back suplex, The Shit blocks it manages to unlock the hold grabs the arm of The Bullet and throws him over the top rope, face first against the cell!

Johnny: My god, what a magnificent match up to this point! The Bullet was just pinched against the cell and he's a bloody mess!

Felix: The Shit is a damn mess too! Look at all the blood that has been spilled already! The Shit exits the ring, takes The Bullet back up... whips him into the cell again! He takes a chair from under the ring as he swings, The Bullet misses, takes the chair from him and returns the favor with a slam to the back! The Shit screams it out and blood stains to the outside of the ring!

Johnny: DAMN!

George Lamere sends The Shit into the ring again, goes after him and goes for the cover.....

1.........2...........shoulder up!

The referee shows two fingers at The Bullet and Lamere is really getting pissed here. He takes The Shit up, locks the head for the Suplex, and executes a Brainbuster suplex! He goes for another pin..

1..............2...........shoulder up!

The Bullet punches the Shit and goes for another cover..

1...............2..........shoulder up.

George Lamere stands back up, bounces off the ropes, executes a legdrop! He stands back up to execute another legdrop... he goes for the pin...

1.................2..........shoulder up again.

Johnny: Boy, George Lamaere is doing everything he can, but this isn't working out for him!

Lamere takes The Shit to his feet, executes a hard right, lands a stiff fist and takes his throat... he takes him up for the chokeslam and hits it! He goes for the pin...

1.....................2...............kickout by the Shit!

Felix: What the hell is he going to do to put this man away?!

George Lamere grabs The Shit up... takes him to the side of the ring, throws him out and jumps out of the ring! The Shit is resilliant and punches The Bullet with a desperation punch! He grabs The Bullet and whips him into the cell! The Bullet flies through the cell!! The Shit looks surprised and walks out and looks at The bullet and then to the crowd who chant "UP UP UP". The Shit doesn't hesitate and starts climbing the cell.

Johnny: NO!!!! Don't do that!

As The Shit reaches the top of the cell, The Bullet follows him! As The Bullet climbs, the Shit is awaiting him on the top. George Lamere climbs and rolls onto the top of the cell. The Shit kicks him in the back and grabs his head... hard right, hard left... nails the forearm to the back of his head! The Shit whips The Bullet to the other side of the cell.......

Johnny: He's gonna fall off!!

Lamere stops in time and stays on the cell. The Shit comes in, back rake, takes the head... forearm to the chest and follows it up with a reverse ddt!

Felix: The cell isn't that solid, those men really have to get off!

The Shit goes for a punch on the bloody Bullet, he blocks it and returns the favor! The Bullet punches his opponent into the midsection, grabs the throat, but The Shit elbows him to the back of the head.... Bullet releases the hold, takes the head of Lamere and executes a fine DDT... and BOTH WRESTLERS FALL DOWN!

Johnny: Oh my god! This can't be happening!

Felix: The Bullet got nailed with a DDT and The Shit and himself went down THROUGH the cell down on the mat and they are really uncontious now!

Johnny: Felix, This is the sickest thing i have ever seen!

The Shit and The Bullet are down on the mat and the referee isn't sure what to do, he going to call for the bell.

Johnny: The ref is going to stop this!

As the referee signs the bell keeper to ring the bell, The Shit moves and the referee decides to continue the match.

Johnny: The Shit is moving, appearantly the Shit fell down but came down less hard than Bullet did, i think Bullet is gone!

George Lamere isn't showing any sign of life, as The Shit crawls over to him. He goes for the cover...


*Bell rings*

Ring announcer: The winner of this bout.... The Shit!

The crowd goes crazy and start a "Extreme-WA" chant. The Shit and Lamere are both in a bloody mess and they are not moving.

Felix: The medics are rushing over to the ring to take away both wrestlers and i think bones have been broken here!

Johnny: Well, no matter how much respect the crowd has for The Shit, and that shouldn't be a lot, everyone is on their feet and they are going mad!

As the big screen shows the replay of the DDT that went right through the cell, Medics rush into the cell and take care of the wrestlers.

Johnny: Well, The Shit won this one and we can safely say that this match is history.

Felix: Johnny, I don't think the prez will sign such a match again... two big giants in a cell... ONTOP of a cell!

Johnny: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the wrestlers are being taken care off and they are taken back to the first aid to make sure they will live!

Felix: We will keep you updated on the injury status!

Johnny: As for now, we have a show to comment, and the EWA staff are raising the Hell in a cell.

Felix: The upcoming match is for the Intercontinental Championship, John!

Johnny: Yes it is, "Crippler" Evan Crowley and Tommy Starr will battle for the Title here tonight!

*Commercial break*

"Zombie" by The Cranberries plays over the PA as the big screen shows the DDT through the cell again. Then The camera shows the screaming fans and then zooms into Johnny and Felix at ringside.

Johnny: Welcome back everyone! We have just witnessed a gruweling match between George "The Bullet" Lamere and The Shit! And we just received the word that The Shit is doing fine looking at the circumstances. We have no report on The Bullet yet.

EWA Intercontinental Championship match:
"Crippler" Evan Crowley w/Paul Valentine vs Tommy Starr

Johnny: Well, we are ready, ladies and gentlemen for the Intercontinental Championship match between Tommy Starr and "Crippler" Evan Crowley!

Felix: The Hell in a cell has just been lifted and the ring has been cleaned.

Johnny: Yup, the blood has been removed, there are still some small stains of blood te see, but the mayority is gone.

Ring announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall and is for the EWA Intercontinental Championship!

"Cocky" by Kid Rock starts playing over the soundsystem. As the sound goes louder, the camera shows the back area near the locker rooms. As the camera moves towards the locker room of Tommy Starr, the door slams open. Tommy Starr comes out looking extremely intense. He walks past the camera and the camera follows him. As the camera is behind him as he stretches his arms he swings open the curtains and from behind, Tommy Starr is seen standing still and looking at the crowd.

Ring announcer: From Hollywood, California weighing 202 pounds... Tommy Starr!

Johnny: Yess! Here he comes! Tommy Starr... the man that CAN do it here tonight. he is going to face the man that lost the EWA Heavyweight championship match against Damien Black!

Tommy Starr starts walking again as Kid Rock keeps playing. Starr high fives some of the fans and as he comes at ringside, he walks around it and enters it from the other side. He rolls in and gets back to his feet. He trows up his arms and the crowd goes crazy.

Johnny: Well, Felix... this man made an impressive entrance! The crowd loves him!

"Cocky" by Kid Rock fades away.

Ring announcer: His opponent, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada... weighing 235 pounds and led to the ring by Paul Valentine...... "Crippler" Evan Crowley!

"The Four Horsemen" by Metallica fades in and begins to play. As again the camera rushes to the back, as the crew goes through the curtains, they are being stopped by Paul Valentine who immediately receives the big boos from the crowd. Then from behind Valentine comes Evan Crowley. He walks down the aisle and the crowd gives him a great negative pop.

Felix: Here comes the opponent, "Crippler" Evan Crowley and Paul Valentine!

Crowley walks down to the ring and doesn't really cares for the audience. He steps into the ring and keeps his eyes focused on Tommy Starr.

*Bell Rings*

Johnny: Well, the title is in grabbing distance here... and this match is oficially underway!

Paul Valentine exits the ring and Tommy Starr and Crowley lock up. As Starr kicks Crowley in the midsection, Crowley immediately recovers and counters it with a hard right to the side of the face. Starr nails a hard fist back to the facial area of Crowley and sends him into the ropes, Starr comes back and dodges the clothesline and nails a dragon suplex!

1..................... kickout by Evan Crowley

Crowley jumps up, misses for the lariat, Starr turns back around and kicks him in the gut, Crowley grabs his midsection area and Starr takes him down with a Powerbomb! He goes for the cover..

1.......................2......shoulder up by Crowley!

Tommy Starr poses for the crowd and chuckles... he then takes Crowley back up, but Crowley smashes in the uppercut and nails a nice desperation spinebuster! Tommy Starr manages to get back up and whips his opponent into the ropes, Crowley comes back and Starr goes for a clothesline, that one is countered with a great spear by Crowley!

Felix: My god, Evan Crowley just nailed that rock hard spear into the midsection of Tommy Starr! he took him apart!

Starr is on the mat looking for a breath. Crowley takes him back to his feet, punches him into the midsection, sends him into the ropes to come back and Evan Crowley takes him down with a beautiful Belly to belly overhead release suplex! He goes for the pin.....

Johnny: Can he take the win and the title?

.1.......................2.............shoulder up by Tommy Starr.

Crowley takes the head and cracks it with a big elbow to the back of his head! The Crippler rakes the face of Starr and kicks it. Crippler whips Starr into the ropes, and the feet are being held by Paul Valentine.

Felix: Haha! The referee did not see that!

Crowley follows him up and dropkicks his face on the floor! he rolls him over, goes for the pin, but Starr kicks out before the one count. Evan Crowley stands back up and takes his place behind Starr as he gets on his feet slowly. Tommy Starr is up, Crowley grabs the head into a side headlock and turns it into a jumping ddt! he goes for the fast pin..

1.......................2...............kickout by Starr!

Johnny: Paul Valentine can't believe it.

Felix: Ofcourse not, the referee had to make the 3-count!

Crowley stands back up and realizes that this could be the end, he takes Starr up, sets him up goes for the Paroxysm! As he grabs his legs, Tommy Starr counters it into a small package!

1............................2................kickout by Crowley

Crowley gets back up, throws a fist, blocked by Starr. Another hard right, again Blocked by Starr. This time Tommy Starr nails the waistlock and into a Gutwrench suplex! Starr doesn't hesitate and locks in the Figure-4 leglock onto Crowley, Crowley manages to kick him off and stands back up. Starr notices that Crowley is back up and takes the head just to throw him out and on to Paul Valentine!

Johnny: Paul Valentine is down with Crowley onto him!! Nice move by Starr!

Tommy Starr again, poses for the crowd and the fans go ballistic! he rolls out of the ring, looks at the ref and takes a chair. Then he walks over to Evan Crowley... He goes for the swing, but the referee hold him back and slashes the chair out of his hands, the chair lands in the ring.

Johnny: Oh no....

Tommy Starr turns around and faces the referee, Starr goes for the hard right on the ref, but this time, Crowley turns Starr around kicks him in the midsection and executes an underhook suplex on the cement floor. Crowley rolls into the ring and lays down on the mat.

Felix: Well.... Evan Crowley down and out IN the ring... and Tommy Starr is on the outside.

Crowley rolls back to the outside, takes the head of Tommy Starr and rolls him back in. He follows him and helps him back to his feet. Crowley executes a hard right forearm to the face, followed by a sharp chop to the chest. Crowley bounces off the ropes, he returns and takes Starr down with a huricanrana... NO! Starr holds him up!! He takes him DOWN with a spinning sit down powerbomb right on the steel chair in the middle of the ring!

Felix: Oh god! Evan Crowley fell down on the chair with his back!! he must be in horrible pain!

Tommy Starr goes for the pin....

1.................................2................................3? NOOOOO!! Crowley kicks out!

Tommy Starr looks surprised and stands up slowly while Crowley holds his back. Tommy Starr kicks him in the back area and walks towards the turnbuckle. He leans against the turnbuckle and takes a breather. The crowd chants "Starr struck" and Tommy Starr smiles to the crowd as he walks over to Crowley.... as he picks up Crowley, he meets with a lowblow, that Starr counters with a kick to the face on Crowley... he picks him up into a Torture Rack!!

Johnny: Tommy Starr has the torture rack executed on Crowley!! His back is hurt and he probably is injured in the process!! Let him go!

Tommy Starr bends the back of Evan Crowley and then drops him on the head with the Starr Struck!! Paul Valentine is down and out on the outside! Tommy Starr goes for the pin...


*Bell rings*

Ring announcer: The winner of this bout... a NEW EWA Intercontinental Champion.... Tommy Starr!

Felix: NOOO!!!

Johnny: YESSS! Tommy Starr won the EWA IC Title and Evan Crowley is being treated in the ring.

Tommy Starr takes the title and climbs the turnbuckle he trows up the title and the fans are going like maniacs. Starr rolls out of the ring and jumps in between the fans. All the fans just want to touch him and the title. Starr looks back into the ring and sees Crowley being taken care off by the doctors. He walks back and enters the ring.

Johnny: What is the new champ going to do here?

Tommy Starr walks over to Crowley and places his hand over his hart and turns down his head. He makes a peace sign and walks away.

Johnny: Well, nice gesture made by Tommy Starr here... "Crippler" Evan Crowley got smashed down with the Starr Struck!

Felix: Ladies and gentlemen, we have one more match coming up! The I-Quit match! "Innovator" Damien Black versus "The #1 Stunna" Johnny Lambert!


Johnny: Welcome back! We are live from San Florence and we are packed and ready for the main event!

"The #1 Stunna" by the big tymers start to rush over the PA system. Then smoke fills the arena as Johnny Lambert moves out from under the Big screen. He walks towards the ring and high fives some of the fans. He receives a mixed reaction.

Johnny: Well.. the people are awaiting Damien Black... the heavyweight champion!

Felix: Pfew....

The #1 Stunna rolls into the ring and throws up his hands, to receive another mixed reaction.

Ring announcer: The following contest is a special i-quit match! Currently in the ring from Romeo, Michigan weighing 275 pounds! "The #1 Stunna" Johnny Lambert!

"The Seasons in the abyss" by Slayer plays over the PA system. Then on the Big screen, Damien Black is seen with his title. The curtains move and the crowd goes insane as they spot their people's champion. Black has his title over his shoulder and makes his way to the ring.

Ring announcer: His opponent, from Pittburgh, Pennsylvania weighing 238 pounds "Innovator" Damien Black!

Damien Black steps into the ring and gives the title to the referee.

Johnny: Damien Black is without his loving girlfriend and without his manager G-Money.

*Bell rings*

Damien Black and Lambert do not hesitate and lock up in the middle of the ring. Lambert executes an armdrag take down, Black jumps up and takes Lambert down with a lariat. Black gets back up, bounces of the ropes, Lambert gets up too... Black goes for a clothesline, misses, bounces of the ropes again... Lambert slides away and throws Black out of the ring.

Johnny: Well, fast pace in the start of this match!

Lambert jumps out of the ring, grabs the head of Black and rolls him into the ring. He follows him and executes a headlock...

Felix: The referee has the microphone and Black can submit here!

Damien Black says no and rolls out of the headlock. Black gets up, Lambert takes the arm of Black and whips him into the ropes. Black comes back and Lambert executes a Bear Hug! The referee hold the microphone and Black is locked into the bearhug! Lambert tightens the hold and Black screams it out.

Felix: Holy Sh!t dude... just say it!

Lambert still has the hold locked in, and takes Black down with a belly to belly suplex! He grabs the head and smashes a hard forearm into his face. Black is taken up and whipped into the ropes, Lambert misses for the elbow, Black turns around, Russian Legsweep! He takes the head of Lambert and goes for the Asphyxiation!

Johnny: Can he lock it in!?

Lambert rolls like a maniac and rolls out of the ring..

Johnny: Well... that was pretty close.

Johnny Lambert rolls back into the ring and meets the foot of Damien Black. Black takes him up, whips him into the turnbuckle, follows him and charges in with a big shoulder that connects! He climbs the turnbuckle and executes a 450 splash!!


Johnny: WHAT!? a 450 splash! Never seen before in the EWA! My god......

Damien Black has hurt himself in the process, but he takes Lambert up and executes a back stretch! Lambert is locked in and the ref has the microphone. He asks him to submit, but he says no. Damien Black releases the hold and kicks him in the back area. Black takes him up, Lambert executes an uppercut, followed with a Big atomic drop! Lambert jumps on the floored Black and executes a nice indian deathlock!

Johnny: Well, now we are talking! This deathlock is pretty messy for the opponent that is locked into it.

Lambert still has it locked onto him... as from under the big screen, Paul Valentine is seen. The crowd boos at him like crazy and Lambert smiles at Paul Valentine and then at Black.

Johnny: Johnny Lambert knows what issues Paul Valentine has with Damien Black and this is not good for Black! My Gawd!

Paul Valentine stands there looking at the match. Johnny Lambert releases the hold and stands up. He looks at Paul Valentine and both men laugh. Damien Black looks at Paul Valentine as the crowd start a "Damien!" chant. Johnny Lambert takes the head of Damien Black and smashes it into the top turnbuckle. Lambert takes his head and executes the Aspyxiation on Damien Black!!!

Johnny: Oh no... this is dramatic! No one can get out of this!!

Paul Valentine slides into the ring.

Felix: What the hell is he going to do!? We heard ladies and gentlemen, the Evan Crowley has suffered an injury and that he will not wrestle in the next upcoming weeks.

Paul Valentine rolls into the ring and gives the finger to the crowd. He kicks Johnny Lambert and takes him up!

Johnny: WHAT!?

Paul Valentine takes the head of Lambert and locks in for the brainbuster suplex... connected! The referee can't do nothing about it, because this is a no dq match! Valentine looks at Black and signs for the Asphyxiation... Black locks it in!

Johnny: Damien Black and Paul Valentine are allies?! The fans are not gonna like this.. and Johnny Lambert sure as hell also is going to hate this!? damnit!

Damien Black has his finisher locks in as Paul Valentine holds the mic to his mouth.

Felix: The mann isn't giving up here!

Paul Valentine looks at the situation and grabs the legs of Lambert..... Figure-4 Leglock!!

Johnny: OH MY GOD NOOO!!!!

Damien Black and Paul valentine has both their finishers locked in on Johnny Lambert who cannot go anywhere.... Paul Valentine holds the mic to his mouth...

Johnny Lambert: Nn,......nn..n..n....... I QUIT!

*The Bell Rings*

Ring announcer: The winner of this bout.... "innovator" damien Black!

The crowd boo at Damien Black as he and Paul Valentine shake hands and hug. He grabs his title and walks away with Paul Valentine. He gives the finger to the crowd and laughs at Johnny Lambert in the ring.

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen, Johnny Lambert is being taken back to the locker rooms. Hell Lambert isn't going to let this be... no way in hell!

Felix: I am Felix..

Johnny: and i am Johnny DAMNIT! See ya'll next damn week.....

*Camera fades*

Match Results:
The Freak defeated Simon Poole with pinfall
Damien Omega/Brian Karagias def. Mayhem/Titanium by pinfall
The Shit def. George Lamere by pin
Tommy Starr def. Evan Crowley by pin to win the IC championship
Damien Black def. Johnny Lambert by submission

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