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The home page Of Erika Stephanie West, a crossdressing bisexual male

Welcome to the world of
Erika Stephanie West
a bisexual male crossdresser

I am just begining to build this site, so bear with me,
it may take me some time to get it together.

I live in rural Northern California, near Eureka
I can be contacted at
I was born a crossdresser... Some of my earliest memories
are of sneaking into my Mom's underware drawer
to sneak off with a pair of her silky panties,
then steal away to my closet to enjoy the feel and
and look of them on my body. This compulsion has
never left me. Today I always feel my best when dressed
as Erika.. Totally dresses! from my polished toe nails
stockinged legs, sheer and lacey panties and bras,
my favorite silky mini skirt, up to my made-up face,
and a nice hair-do....smelling sweet and feeling great
Growing up in the 50's and 60's was rough for a crossdresser
but even harder when I reached puberty and discovered I was also
bi-sexuall.. I fought both dressing and my interest in other males.
Looking back I wish I had pursued those much more. Now I am very
comfortable with who I am... and now dress as often as possible, even
venturing into public as Erika in areas that I am not known..

At this time in my life I am happiest as Erika and almost totally am
pursuing men as company and lovers. I truly enjoy being with the
right kind of guy. Someone understanding, intelligent, clean, fun, and
a great lover. I like a well endowed man with little body hair,
with a near normal body. I am a romantic and love long foreplay,
working into long HOT sex. I love to give oral, also to recieve, but
my favorite is to be spread wide and made love to long, and hard...

I love to dress very sexy, and also love to Role Play,,, One of
favorites is my very sexy French Maid's outfit. A very sheer lacey,
ruffly babydoll, with white lace gloves, choker, and dust cap.
With silky nylons and gatrer belt and my thigh high, black 5"
stilletto heeled boots. I play the role of Mmms Bridgette,
personal maid.. Oui... who loves to tend to Misseurs every need! Especially if Misseur has a very large and hard bit of manhood.. I
can handle a VERY large one... in all ways....

I mostly have very short mini skirts, but also have NICE outfits, for
going out..and I have lots of beautiful, sexy lingerie.. all in all
I have a quite decent wardrobe.

I am open to one on one sexuall encounters, as long as it done
with taste and honesty. I am also willing to enter more long term
relationships if the right guy comes along...I am quite intelligent,
a lot of fun, honest, clean, and a hell of a good cook, among
many other qualities...

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