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Bosse - 09/10/00 00:47:41
Your best travel:: Thailand


Deborah - 05/31/00 17:26:00
My URL:http://daggett.d.tripod.com/europe2000.html
My Email:daggettd@nbnet.nb.ca
Your best travel:: Italy and Bavaria

You have some beautiful pictures and I envy you so many wonderful travels. A great site!

Patrick Brice - 02/06/00 16:25:47
My Email:vbrice@aol.com

Liked your paintings and photos very much.Thank you.

Vanessa - 11/10/99 22:47:46
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/morningglory11/madrid/
My Email:morningglory@earthling.net
Your best travel:: Madrid, Espana!

Thanks for visiting my site, Elisabeth. Your site rocks too!

Scott Whitelaw - 09/30/99 22:40:50
My URL:http://www.pacificcoast.net/~newtime
My Email:newtime@pacificcoast.net
Your best travel:: Lake Balaton, Hungary

Great site! Beautiful pictures! Keep up the good work! Scott

Elisabeth - 07/04/99 15:04:48
My URL:http://geocities.com/The Tropics/Bay/8507
My Email:elisabeths_art@geocities.com
Your best travel: All of them! But most I like Rouen, Neu Swanstein castle in Bayern with all its beutiful wall paintings, Spain...

Enjoy my homepage and hope it gives you some ideas for travels. You are always welcome back!

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