Our Self Healing Bodies

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    Proper cell care to create healthy cells and self-healing then is the key to our health, energy, strength, mental stability and to our very life!


    Human life begins at conception when the sperm of the male joins the egg of the female and a single cell forms. The original cell divides into two cells and these cells continue to divide and multiply until the body has its full compliment of cells somewhere around one hundred trillion. From about two months of age and throughout life, only the replacement or re-creation of cells take place. For example, every week or so, the entire outer layer of our skin is replaced with new cells. Approximately every two months every cell in our heart muscle is rebuilt. Within a two to three year period, our entire bone structure is replaced. So two to three years from this very moment, every cell in our body will have been replaced with a new cell. THERE IS HOPE FOR ALL OF US! Thus, in two to three years, every one of us will have a totally new body. If we replace cells with "diseased" cells, we will have disease! If we replace cells with "healthy" cells, we will heal and sustain health in ourselves.

    Composed of roughly two trillion cells, the immune system is a complex array of cells that collectively provide a formidable defense against a world of hostile invaders like viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is the immune system's duty to kill invaders, viruses and toxins as well as to adjust to changing environmental conditions. The immune system was created to protect us from an onslaught of diseases and illnesses!

    When the immune system overreacts, it can attack our own body cells, resulting in diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. When it fails, it can result in cancer. When it is overly sensitive, it can result in allergies. A weakened immune system accelerates the aging process.

    As the immune system rebuilds, the body's own healing mechanism goes to work, correcting whatever physical problems it may have whether it be high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, migraines, obesity, anemia, acid stomach, etc. First Food: Proper nutrition helps rebuild the immune system.

    Proper cell care to create healthy cells then is the key to our immune system functioning properly; to health, energy, strength, mental stability and to our very life.

    In order for our cells to function properly, they must have a healthy environment (biological terrain). It is described as the environment of the living cells. If we keep the fluids surrounding our cells free of toxic waste, at proper temperature and pH, provide them with pure water, a sufficient and balanced supply of minerals, and keep them free from stress, the healthy cells will live, function and recreate themselves without any problems.

    The elements, amino acids, enzymes, molecules and atoms found within the bodily fluids (blood, urine, and saliva) provide vital data about the way the body is actually functioning. By monitoring the values of pH (acidity or alkalinity), redox (vitality, strength of immune system) and resistivity (mineral content) of these bodily fluids and by making changes at a biochemical level, health and vitality can be reestablished in the body and enable it to combat illness and disease naturally. A Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) indicates the state of your body's environment (biological terrain) and body chemistry!

    In order to ensure proper functioning of all cells, body fluids need to be kept moving through exercise.

    We immobilize our immune system by putting harmful substances such as white table sugar, lots of fat, caffeine, drugs and pain killers in our body.

    Laughter, hugs and enjoyment can release substances in the body which enhance our immune system, while sadness, anger or worry can actually depress the immune system.

    Almost all sickness and disease can be corrected by simply cleansing the body of toxins and providing the cells with the proper building materials vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fiber, essential amino acids, and enzymes.



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