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The discovery of the universal laws or principles is not new. Hermes Trismegistus, also known as an Egyptian god Thoth, wrote about them as seven principles, ascended masters applied them. All of us use them all the time in our lives, albeit unconsciously and often to our detriment. It's time we use them consciously.

The Principle of Oneness

The first principle is the principle of Oneness. "E pluribus unum" - One expressing through the many. One way to experience this is by allowing yourself, in your imagination, to expand, beyond the boundaries of your physical body and to feel yourself as embracing and containing all life, to experience yourself as being All-There-Is. If you have a great desire and sincerity to experience your Allness, some realization will definitely dawn upon you.

Your realization of this principle will most certainly affect how you choose to act toward others and life in general. You may realize that in whichever way you choose to act toward others (not only people, but all things), will undoubtedly affect yourself, your health, your being and your affairs. Respect and goodwill towards all life will also create harmony within your being, ensuring that you enjoy perfect health and well-being in all areas of your life.

One way of consciously harmonizing yourself with the oneness of all life is through conscious and regular practice of love, praise and gratitude and through blessing all life.

The Principle of Vibration and Energy Follows Thought

Everything in this universe consists of energy or intelligenct life-force. In many spiritual traditions the allness of this energy or life-force is referred to as God or God-force. The chair on which you sit, the air that you breathe, the food that you eat and your body are all manifestations of this energy in various forms.

The energy moves in circular motion and thus creates a vibration. Thus the principle of vibration states that "nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates". The faster the movement of the energy, its oscillation, the higher is the vibration. Because this energy is an intelligent life-force, and this energy follows thought, one of the universal principles states that "all is mind, the universe is mind-like in nature". The lower spectrum of vibration is more matter-like, it appears as a "frozen energy", the higher spectrum of vibration is more thought-like.

Your body is like a whirling mass of energy and it vibrates at a certain frequency. Your thoughts and emotions determine how fast or how slow it vibrates. As you begin to raise your vibration, your thoughts become more powerful and your body heals and regenerates faster than it did before. Because all your thoughts and feelings will manifest faster in your life, it will be necessary to master the ability to control your thoughts or to think only those thoughts that you would like to manifest in your life. After a bit of practice, this becomes a second nature.

The Principle of Resonance

If you put a number of instruments, let's say, guitars, in one room, and you strike a string on one of these guitars, all of the other will resonate the same tone, the same vibration. How does this relate to you? As you begin to practice thinking and feeling harmonious thoughts, not only will your body become harmonious, but so will your whole life. As you can see at this point, you don't have to hope or believe that it will become so, because this process occurs according to a scientific law. By thinking most loving, beautiful, harmonious thoughts, not only your body, but your whole life will be transformed. You are like an instrument on which you play a song with your thoughts and emotions which, even though inaudible to your ears, are nevertheless real. As you release these vibrations, you attract into your life things and circumstances that resonate at the same vibration. This is why it is said that there are no accidents. You control what happens within your body and in your life by the thoughts and emotions you choose to entertain.

As your vibration lifts higher and higher, you will experience more and more synchronicities in your life as a result of the principle of resonance.

The principle of resonance is occasionally reffered to as the principle of correspondence - "As above, so below", or "As within (your mind), so without (in your outer experience)". The longer you entertain certain thoughts with intense feeling, the more your thoughts become charged with sufficient energy until they become plainly visible even to your physical eyes. As the energy field of your body starts to tune into the object of your focus, even your body begins to resemble it. When you keep your thoughts focused on that which is infinite and eternal, you will eventually manifest these qualities within yourself and the vibration of your body will change to resonate with your thoughts - it will become eternal - your flesh will become spiritualized.

The Principle of Cause and Effect

The principle of cause and effect, sometimes referred to as karma, states that what you do to others will come back to you and that there is no way around it. However, there is a way around it - that is if you repent. To repent, really means to change your mind and feelings about an issue in question, that is, to change your vibration. When you genuinely and sincerely repent, realizing fully the error you made, lifting yourself above the temptation to make the same error, then you set yourself free. The most popular way of repenting is through the practice of forgiveness, forgiving both yourself and anyone else who may need forgiveness. This way your vibration is lifted on a higher level, and you are no longer subject to the circumstances residing on the previous lower level.

The principle of karma, also known as retribution, doesn't affect you when you start to express directly from All-That-Is, expressing only the Will of God. The fastest way to align yourself with the Infinite is to do everything out of pure, unconditional love and to pray that only will of God be expressed through you, that you are a pure channel for God.

The Principle of Polarity

You can transform many conditions in your life speedily by applying the principle of polarity. This principle states that "opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree". Insted of contemplating things you don't like to manifest in your life, begin focusing on their opposite end, on what you want in your life. Instead of focusing on illness, start focusing on perfect health; instead of focusing on fear start focusing on love; instead of focusing on what is mortal and transitory, start focusing on what is infinite and eternal; instead of focusing on what is missing in your life and on lack, start focusing on infinite abundance. Now that you know that whatever you choose to focus on will manifest in your life sooner or later, choose to focus and invest your energy on things you would like to manifest in your life.

The Principle of Rhythm

You may notice how the principle of rhythm operates, everywhere around you. In every breath there is an inhalation and an exhalation. The day changes with the night. The more pendulum swing to the left, the more it swings to the right. Perhaps your emotions swing from joy to sadness just as swiftly.

Again the way to transcend the wild swings that appear to be beyond your control, is by aligning yourself with the Infinite Spirit. When you choose to allow only the Infinite Spirit to express through you, you develop detachment quite naturally. Instead of getting caught up emotionally into things that come and go from your life, you accept both with equal blessing, equal equanimity, and thus you experience peace. Instead of becoming attached to every single thing that comes into your life, hold onto the Infinite Spirit, and allow everything else to come and go as it pleases, confident in the knowledge that all that is best for you will come to you. Trusting into the Wisdom of Infinite Spirit within you will lift you easily from the wild swings as will knowing that transient things are only forms of the universal energy. Focusing only upon the eternal will dissolve emotional charge and attachment to transient things. It will not matter that one form has dissolved out of your life, when you know that other will manifest just as easily for you, out of the same universal substance.

The Principle of Gender

The principle of gender does not relate only to the male and female sex, but also to the masculine and feminine attributes. These are sometimes referred to as positive and negative, or yin and yang. The trick lies in mastering both polarities and thus expressing balance. As you go through various life experiences, you are presented with opportunities to master and then use at will both sides of attributes. Some of them are: silent - talkative, compliant - controlling, cautious - daring, open to all things - resistant to change, playful - serious, emotional - rational, careful - impulsive, trusting - skeptical, humble - self-assured.

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