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This is where prayer wheels enter the cyber-age. Prayer wheels are used by Tibetan Buddhists to purify themselves and the entire world of its accumulated negative karma. Inside each prayer wheel is a paper or some other medium (such as microfilm) on which a mantra has been inscribed many times over. Typically the mantra is OM MANI PADME HUM, which Tibetans pronounce: Om Mani Pémé Hung.

In English this means "the jewel in the lotus of the heart"; it is a reference to the hidden spark of divinity within each of us. The six syllables of the mantra are said to purify the six negative emotions: pride, jealousy, desire, ignorance, greed, and anger, while simultaneously engendering the six qualities of the enlightened heart: generosity, harmonious conduct, endurance, enthusiasm, concentration, and insight.

If the mantra is inscribed once and placed into a prayer wheel, each rotation of the prayer wheel accumulates the same merit as saying the mantra once. Similarly, a prayer wheel containing 100 million instances of the mantra yields the same purification power per rotation as saying the mantra 100 million times.

As I understand the concept of the prayer wheel, it spins and spins, continually sending our prayers up to the Diety. The turning of a prayer wheel brings incredible purification to all our negative karmas and obscurations, it causes us to actualize the realizations of the path to enlightenment, and accumulates unbelievable merit to the viewer.

I have already filled this wheel with prayers for those in this world who are suffering or grieving or struggling to make their way, that they may find solace, healing and peace. I also pray that those whose lives are filled with joy and abundance may continue to be so blessed and that their blessings radiate out in wider and wider circles until they encompass us all.

Please add your own prayers to the wheel - as many and as often as you wish. It is my prayer for all who stop here that your lives will be blessed with love and abundance in all its forms. And so it is.

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[ Please offer your prayers and hopes to the Universe. ]

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