Meditation With Colors/Sounds

Color In Motion

Color In Motion

Awakening to the true nature of the universe - inter-connected, vibrating, alive, and loving. Open your heart and mind to the healing energy of the colors and sounds. Explore the sacred patterns seen in geometry, nature, art and our dreams. With meticulous detail, this intense and original effort by William J. Baker is a fireworks display of the forms which underlie the world's designs. It excites our imagination and helps us to remember the deep rhythms of the cosmic harmony we are part of.


These inspiring and useful images which relate to our spiritual landscape and the inner technology of symbols and Universal principles. The poetic commentary on the underlying concepts reflects the vast wisdom within the geometry of our world which inspired our ancestors. The effects of the healing are not necessarily instantaneous, and it is advisable to return to this page to continue the healing process.

When you watch the psychedeliscope below, you will be transported into deep state of meditataion; into a Universe of Light and Color, Movement and Sound. All around us, the universe is in constant motion, continual change . . . the Rhythmic Dance.

We are part of that dance, part of the eternal rhythm and flow . . . forming and reforming . . . sometimes reflecting light, sometimes absorbing it . . . color fills and surrounds us . . . sound is the essence of our being, as we dance to music that often only we can hear . . . we are drawn to the flow of energy found in colors and sounds.

Sit back, turn down the lights, and enjoy your dance within the embrace of beautiful warm colors and sounds. Please turn off one background sound, before turning on another.

It may help to read How To Meditate: Beginner Level. and Violet Flame: The Alchemist's Dream

You may select a background sound, if you wish.

Native Flute1

Ocean Waves

Native Flute 2

Native Flute 3

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