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Rev. Dr. Oliva Salter, D.D. AKA Synergy lives in San Diego, Ca. practice Spiritual Healing/Counseling and has been actively involved in holistic healing for over 20 years with a wide range of training. She has studied many healing modalities such as Universal Energy Healing and Magnified Healing. She has a diploma in Natural Health Consultant from Stratford Career Institute. She is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher. It has truly changed her life, helping her become more focused and balanced, more compassionate and loving towards herself and others. She works with Divine Light from her higher power to create physical, emotional and spiritual healing and believes that Love and Forgiveness are the greatest healers. In addition, Synergy receives messages from the Collective Unconsciousness. She is an ordained minister with a Doctor of Divinity, D.D. through the Universal Life Church Ministry and presides at marriage ceremonies, handfastings, baby blessing, and house blessings. She is a dual Doctoral Candidate in Advanced Spiritual Studies & Enlightenment at Spirit Express and in Metaphysical Counseling, Mc.D., at the University of Metaphysics with certification of advance studies in Pastoral Phychology.

Synergy believes that personal growth comes from emotional healing. She loves helping others to become enlightened on a karmic level, enabling them to live their lives to the fullest. Some of her specialities include improving relationships with oneself and others, and helping people to find their own personal destiny. Synergy chooses to empower others by assisting them in finding their truth. She also practices different meditative technqiues for the growth and balance of each individual.

Through her intuition and ability to sense and hear spirit guides she can help you to move toward your fullest potential in this life and future lives. She uses a variety of healing techniques to help you release negative energy that may be blocking your progress. Her greatest joy comes in helping others, by empowering them with knowledge. For a unique experience in finding your own truth.

She has had a fascination with the metaphysical and the paranormal ever since her pre-teens. Underlying all, is her constant search for the truth about why we are here and the spiritual reality behind our physical existence. Her greatest wish is to see the joining of the many hands of humanity in a recognition of the divinity in each other, and to see more of an awakening to the sacredness of the earth we live on. Because of the wonderful results obtained by herself and many others, She is committed to encourage, guide and empower students and clients to achieve balance, harmony, physical and emotional health, peace, love and success in their daily lives.

Currently, Synergy is fluid in combining metaphysical and holistic knowledge to help clients come to wise decisions about career, relationships, health. Synergy's advice can aid in helping people to break through conflicts, emotional blocks and trauma. She accomplishes this through "Universal Laws" and "Channeling of Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy - Reiki". Her ultimate goal is to help people to open and use their own intuition, letting each person grow and self navigate. Her advice can be either an e-mail response for you to review or live on the phone by appointment only.

She offer . . .

Clear, compassionate, practical guidance in the areas of --

  • Holistically guide others to heal body, mind & soul
  • Guide others through
  • Practice holistic, metaphysical healing
  • Improve people's lives
    through teaching

HINT: I won't waste your time on the phone, help yourself by sending a list of questions when you make your appointment with me. I believe in making your time as profitable for you as I can.

If you need to speak to someone now, you can get advice and counsel on health and self, money and love with another fine Personal Advisor.

I will call anywhere in the United States by appointment for a donation (Love Offering) of $25.00 or more. I will write you to make arrangements. Please make sure to send your e-mail address and phone number with your donation. Or e-mail me with a request for Pastoral Spiritual Counseling and I will set up an appointment to phone you. If you would like to make a donation to this site and no counseling is needed click here.

Disclaimer: My sevice is in no way medical or psychological treatment, and the only thing being cured is the soul.

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