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Once upon a time there lived a young princess . . .

Hmm. Sounds too unbelievable, doesn't it, at least when it's not in the pages of a book.

I'm never quite sure what to say when asked to write a bio. My life has been boringly free of excitement, glamor, and drama. I'm not a doctor, physicist, or jet pilot. I never worked covertly for the government. I don't travel to exotic places or rub elbows with the rich and famous. My life is, and always has been, ordinary.

Except in my head.

Unlike so many authors, I didn't come to writing from another career. I am a stay-at-home wife and mother. I love to explore issues, like the integration of internal conflict, tension, and character development in romantic relationships. In fact, I find I never really understand, consciously at least, these issues till I write about them. For me, writing is very much a voyage of discovery. You'll find some of these voyages in my novels.

Why romance? Maybe because I relish the happy ending, the hope for the future. Maybe because I get to ride the roller coaster with the hero and heroine as they discover themselves through the power of love. Maybe because I like people. And romantic fiction, more than any other genre, is about people. Or maybe because my own life is filled with heroes and heroines.

At an early age my mother gave me a romance novel to read. It seemed the perfect kind of book. In romance novels there were always happy endings, the good guys never finished last, and dreams did come true.

Since 1980 I've shared my home with my high school sweet heart "The Prince", three wonderful children, and which ever relative I have taken in at the time. I spend my evenings and weekends working on my tales of heroes, heroines and the kind of romance that dreams are made of.

My philosophy of life is for everything that happens to you, there is a blessing attached to it somewhere.

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