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I'm Dwight Bartholomew and my website contains:
Adventures in Real Life, making clay whistles, watch my garden grow, a memorial to Karla Faye Tucker, and more!
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Adventures in Real Life
Dwight the Possum Catcher Possum Hunter of the Kallahara

A Helpful Hand Helping a baby horse across a creek.

Finding fossils Finding evidence in the fossil records of reptiles that still exist in contemporary times.

Godzilla vs Dwight The startling battle between Godzilla and Dwight.

BarneyHear the official dialog of the battle between the starship Enterprise and Barney! (courtesy of Tom Neighbors)

Knowing when to let go Our work group went on a retreat to make us a tighter and more efficient team. One of the exercises involved using minimal materials (a rope, some hooks, tape, etc) to retrieve a sack from inside a roped-off circle. We decided to dangle the hook from the rope, catch the sack, lift it, and pull it out of the circle. This strategy worked well until it came time to lift the sack: it took a lot of force (explained in Phys-101). At some point I realized we were not going to make it (I felt myself tipping over). I decided it was time to let go. Alas, I forgot to mention this to my two teammates.

Product of the Year 1999 The Spreeta device my group makes was awarded one of the Products of the Year for 1999 by an electronic products magazine! I and two co-workers were photographed with the award for the Texas Instruments newspaper. The award was made by Nambe which makes cool modern-looking vases. See the many endorsements for our product.

The Mighty Canyons of Cape CodThe Mighty Canyons of Cape Cod! Few people know of the Cape Cod Canyons. Carved by Nature's skilled hands from aged sandstone, they are breath-taking to behold. They tower overhead in a sweeping Vista . Missed by many tourists, they are readily at hand.

Battling Raptors In a deadly wrestling match with a prehistoric Velociraptor.

Lobster Invasion Witnessing Giant Lobsters invading Orlando Florida!

Deadly Snail Attack A dramatization of my encounter with a vicious snail in our yard.

First Rat Captured Recently, we captured our first roof rat! I used mouse traps which only served to stun Mr. Rat but long enough for me to grab him and cage him.
Click here to see how the other family members reacted to the capture.

Hogs of Seattle Seattle's Pigs on Parade brings a new meaning to Road Hog.

Mating Trucks Have you ever wondered what baby Trash Trucks come from. Here is the answer! I caught these two adult Trash Trucks in the act of mating.

New Species of Hummer July thru September are Hummingbird months here in Texas. The little guys juice up for their long trip to Mexico for the winter months. This year we saw a new breed of hummingbird at our feeder!

In Memory of Karla Faye Tucker

Karla Faye Tucker (courtesy of AP) from Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel
On February 3rd 1998, Karla Faye Tucker was executed by the state of Texas. The event drew worldwide attention.
Learn more about the execution of this extraordinary woman.

Special Guides
A guide to making clay whistles
Learn how to grow crystals at home

Garden Watch
GARDEN WATCH has moved to this location.

Comic Books
The Chronicles of Teger

Halls of Fame
The GREETING CARD Hall of Fame

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