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S/V FantoMe 1927-1998
She sailed with Amazing Grace

The Fantome was reported missing with her crew of
31 aboard on Tuesday October 27 while battling
Hurricane Mitch off the coast of Honduras.

She and her crew were never heard from again.

August 10, 2000

Its been awhile... nothing new to report.


Quote from the ABC News Website

I welcome any comments, thoughts, or feelings about
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If anyone can digitalize the episode, please send
it to me and I will make it available on the
website.  (.mpg, .mov, .asf, etc.)

The Discovery Channel
Did Anyone catch the Discovery Channel's show on
hurricanes which featured the story of the Fantome?
Any thoughts?

The Crew of the S/V Fantome
Final Roll Call

Colin August (Coffee)
Rhon Austin
Maxwell Bhikham (Blinky)
Vernon Brusch (Brusch)
Constantin Bucur (Cony)
Steadbert Burke (P.P.)
Vanil Fender (Fender)
Emmanuel Frederick (Brasso)
Alan George (Spice)
Alvin George (Slow G)
O'Ryan Hardware (Dode)
David Hernandez
Deodatt Jallim (Jallim)
Carl James (Bara)
Jerry King
Canute Layne (Pope)
Kevin Logie (Kev)
Guyan March (Skip)
Carlisle Mason (Pelican)
Eon Maxwell (Chef)
Francis Morain (Fingers)
Wilbert Morris (Morris)
Anibal Olivas
Cyrus Phillips (Turtle/Hollow Crab)
Bobby Pierre
Pedro Prince
Deonauth Ramsudh (Django)
Onassis Reyes (O!)
Mohamed Farouk Roberts (Roberts)
Chrispin Saunders (Chrispy/Volcano)
Rohan Williams (Dr. Stone)

Trust Fund for Families of the Missing Crew
S/V Fantome S.A. Trust
c/o PO BOX 190120
Miami Beach, FL

I have set up an archives area for all the news reports
and miscellanous related stories.
If you don't see a report that was previously
here its in the Archives.
If you are new to this site, take the time to browse,
it is well worth reading...
Go to the Archives

S/V Fantome Memorial Page

S/V Fantome Memorial Page

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises


Windjammer Bulletin Board


Our Own Statement
* Updated *
After a wonderful trip on the Fantome, this page was  to be dedicated to
the people of Honduras and the Bay Islands and especially the children
of Omoa.

However, with the events surrounding Hurricane Mitch it has evolved
into more of a information center about the search and ultimate fate
of the S/V Fantome and her crew...

We were the last passengers aboard her (Oct 17-24) before Hurricane Mitch
came along and destroyed most of the beauty and grandeur that
was Honduras and the Bay Islands.

Nature and Time will restore the beauty of the land, but we pray
for the lives lost and the survivors of Mitch.

Keep Hope! - This was our slogan.  To hold on and pray for the best.
Now our hope is that this never happens again.

-- Dean and Tami
(aka Major Afthole)
(aka Doctor Dean)
What is an Afthole?

Hurricane Mitch
Complete Storm Track of Mitch from Oct 26, 1998


Windjammer Websites

Burke & Ellen's Windjammer Page
Has an excellent view of the geography of area
with a superimposed view of Hurricane Mitch
and last known location of the Fantome.

Trip Photos
Before the ship was lost, we had a most
wonderous trip on her.  These are photos
of my own and some of the other aftholes.
Click on the Fantome For Trip Photos


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