This page contains links to ideas that I thought might encourage the average citizen to carefully consider their everyday actions - to actually challenge the commonly accepted practices of the modern age. I felt these topics were slightly different from the other Earth-conscious/Recycling pages, which I fully support, but thought lacked some very important and not always obvious or well-known ideas.

Please view these pages with an open and honest mind. All of us can do more to prevent the Earth's decay than we are doing at this moment. We must not be afraid to change. We must evaluate our comforting habits and gradually discard the harmful ones. No longer can we hide behind our excuses.
Thank you.

Alternative Auto Power (not) Mowing Lawn
(site currently down)
Compost Resource Page
Plastic Milkjugs for Lumber EPA report Making and Using Compost
Rant About Electrical Outlets 48 Reasons not to mow NebGuide Garden Compost
Personal Products EverGreen How To Build a Compost Bin
Stop Mowing, doggonnit!!
Journey To Forever
Making your own car fuels

Reduce your cost of trash disposal. Keep plastic shopping bags out of the environment by making them useful more than once. Remove the risk of your kids being suffocated by plastic bags! Remove the risk of your pets/wildlife choking on or getting entangled by them! Here are some ideas:

Plastic Bag Crafts Recycled Plastic Tote Bag
A Beach Bag
Permanent Shopping Bag

My sincere thanks to these WebRings and their owners!

If you have any helpful suggestions, or usefull contributions of ideas or resources, Please don't hesitate to E-Mail Me
Also, I need to know if any thing on this page does not work so I may fix it.
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