Desir'ee's Pictures of Items made on the Bond ISM

These are some items that are made on knitting machines or the wonderful people that own them. Not all have been made by Desir'ee personally, in fact not many of them are of her own work as she has a habit of giving her work away before taking any pictures of it. I haven't had much time to Bond recently although with my supply of hand spun yarn piling up I am going to need to knit some of it up.

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This is the beautiful baby blanket presented to Elizabeth from the Bond Friendship Club. This blanket was knitted by Sandra Hice on a Brother 940 electronic machine using a 3/15 acrylic coned yarn and it's done in a tuck stitch. It is absolutely beautiful. This is the purl side of it.

This is the beautiful baby blanket presented to Elizabeth from the Bond Friendship Club. It is absolutely beautiful. This is the knit side of it.

Hugsby the Teddy Bear wearing pink sweater with navy cuffs and navy pants with pink cuffs.

Hugsby the Teddy Bead looking good in his Jeweltones sweater and pants. He won 1st prize in the Lake County California fair Labor Day weekend of 1998.

Melissa Mouse proto type, this started out as another Hugsby but I discovered that I was short on yarn and had no time to get more, the birthday party was in 90 minutes. I narrowed the pattern up a couple of stitches and when I was finished the ears looked so big and the mouse gray color said that she was a mouse.

My birthday gift from the Bond birthday club. She is the cutest pincushion that I have, too cute to stab a pin into.

The backside of my gift had to show off all sides of her such detail.

Picture of the internal workings of the ISM row counter, for reference to reassembling when pieces fly.

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