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This web site contains fiction and other information dealing with Adult Spanking and related fantasies. Content on this site is copyrighted by Don A. Landhill, or by the author of the material, as the case may be. This site is copyright 2000-2001 by Don A. Landhill as a compilation.

Some of the content of this site deals with sexual themes. This site is not intended for children.

If you are not interested in the subject matter of this site, or are unwilling to read such material, or are likely to be offended, please do not enter this site. Read at your own risk!

By Entering this site, you certify that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction, that fiction dealing with adult sexuality, including spanking, is acceptable under the standards of your community, and that you desire and expect to reach such content.

If you are looking for general sexual information or something else entirely, try searching google. If you are an under-age person, particualrly a teenager, with questions about your own sexuality, try scarleteen.

If you link to my site, please link to this intro page, or to the links page, and not to any of the other pages. These two pages both have warning info about the nature of the site. I would prefer that no one enter the site without seeing this information.

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