Let's talk about changes in my life, shall we?  I'm now 38, still a single mom, but I've returned to school and I'm living on campus. *YIPES*  It's not as bad as it sounds though.  I have a four room apartment all to myself.  I'm going to get my BA in Sociology and quickly follow that up with a MSW (Masters of Social Work) which will enable me to be a nationally liscensed counselor after the requisite supervised work as a counselor.  Not a bad goal if I do say so myself.  The only downside is missing my girl who is staying with her grandmother, my mother.  I have to do this for our future though, and we live too far away for me to commute.
Other news since I last updated...I had gastric bypass on August 28, 2006.  Yes, that was a year ago.  I've lost over 100 pounds and I am much more active than I used to be.  I'm still a big girl and I will put some before and current pictures below.  My favorite links haven't changed, but I will add my universities home page to the bottom.  It's small, but a terrific place to learn!
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