When you are feeling down, taking the world a little to seriously,
He doesn't allow you to wallow in self-pity.

When you are flying high, the rose colored glasses that are being worn don't allow you to see what is truly around you,
He keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground.

When you experience that sinking feeling of doom and gloom, the light at the end of the tunnel just seems so far away,
He shows you the way, giving you the strength that you once thought never existed within yourself.

When you are laying in a hospital bed scared, visiting hours long over, thinking of the operation that you are going to have the next morning,
He calls just to say goodnight that you are loved and cared for.

When a loved one departs this life, and you are grieving the loss of a friend,
He gives you His shoulder to cry on, holding you close, reminding you that time heals all wounds. 

When you think that you can't possibly give any more,
He shows you that giving all is the deepest of pleasures.

He is the One that understands that life happens, and
He is there for you when it does.

dina loves You, Master, more than words could ever really describe.


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