"He is Master, and I am Slave.
He is owner, and I am owned.
He commands, and I obey.
He is to be pleased, and I am to please.
Why is this?
Because he is Master, and I am Slave."
~Explorers of Gor page 179~

The word kajira, simply translated, means slave. However, a Gorean slave will have taken the time to not only read the books, but understand the philosophy contained within the story. A Gorean slave will know that once she begs a collar, her life becomes her Master's, there is no compromise, no contracts, and no "rights". So, dina believes that the word kajira, translated, means Gorean slave.

So then, what is a Gorean slave?

A slave exists to please and be pleasing to her Master, as well as to be as pleasing as she can be within the Gorean community. She is not a princess who seeks to be served. Being a slave is not a bedroom activity, it is a way of life for as long as Master allows. She is one who has a need and desire to serve outside of the fantasy. Too many times dina has seen a girl offer submission because she is running away from life, and when the reality of a Gorean man's collar hits her, she does not blame herself, she blames everyone and everything around her. A slave is fulfilled in her service, not an excuse giver.

Master has told dina that a slave strives for perfection always, even knowing that she will not always achieve it. A slave is never complacent, she seeks to learn new ways to be pleasing. She takes each lesson, correction, and punishment and learns from them. She knows that a slave is ever evolving to be more pleasing to her Master. Life has a way of changing. What Master expected from dina 6 years ago has changed, dina changing along with them. A slave who stays stagnant, never evolving, too soon becomes an uncollared slave.

A slave admits her mistakes, even when those mistakes were made out of her Masterís presence. She does not make excuses, nor does she whine. She accepts responsibility for her actions with grace, and strives to correct anything and everything her Master feels she needs to. A slave is strong, knowing that this is not an easy way of life. She remembers her place, always. She does not rise above her station, nor does she step away from it.

A slave expresses herself to her Master, keeping nothing from Him. she expresses herself respectfully and openly. She bears her soul, her dreams, fantasies, and nightmares, taking down the walls that she may have surrounded herself in.

As a slave, dina strives every moment of everyday to be pleasing to Master. Whether itís doing the dishes, working hard in school, or being the slut she is (oh what a slut she is!!!). dina strives with all of her being to be the slave Master knows she can be, to the Gorean man He is. Master will take no less.


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