"i rise to experience my pain.
When i am weak, Master's arm is strong. ."
~Quoted for dina by Master~

About 5 and 1/2 years ago Master introduced dina to Gor. But, she was far from ready to embrace the philosophies. she thought of Gor as online role playing, filled with beautiful serves and dances. she didn’t see any “reality” in the chat rooms that professed to be Gorean. And, she, at the time, certainly could not understand the concept of being property.

As time went by though, she read the books. Master suggested that dina read the books as if she were doing research on herself. What an incredible eye opener! A huge difference in what dina was “seeing” in the chat rooms. Everything that Master had been teaching her. Everything that she had been feeling since she was a child. It was all right there, in black and white. dina finally understood that she is owned, completely, totally. Being Master's slave gave dina the freedom she had searched for and she could actually be who and what she needed and wanted to be  without reprisals. To be anything other than who and what she is would be denying herself. she knew she just couldn’t do that any longer. dina finally gave to Master the last little pieces of herself that she had struggled to hold onto because for some reason she thought that she was supposed to.

It took dina a while to grasp all of this and fully admits that once she did she felt that her very existence had to be “by the books”. For a few months dina collected quotes that she had marked in the books and collected online trying hard to make her life like the lives of the slaves in the books. Yet she felt herself slipping away from what she had learned. The more she tried to be like the kajirae in the books, the less she felt like one. It finally sunk in that what is defined in the books does not have to be strictly defined in her life (dina can be very slow at times). The books do not define her life, Master does, she is His property after all, not property of the books.

Master, Who refers to Himself as an “odd duck”, is decidedly Gorean in thought and in heart. Yet, dina does not serve Master His coffee on her knees, she does sleep on the floor, but she also is prone to back spasms, and Master and dina's doctor agrees that the floor is the best place for her to sleep. dina is not subservient to ALL men. Master knows that would put His property in danger, or arrested, and Master is not One to share. dina also doesn’t live in fear of her life if she should displease Master, and He occasionally indulges dina, at His whim.

Master cares for dina, showing it in action and saying it in words. He is kind and gentle in His own way. And because of dina’s love for Him, as well as His training of her, He isn’t excessively strict, which within the books was a “given” for a Master, especially One Who cared for His property. There are a few aspects of the household that dina makes the decisions on, what to buy at the grocery store, where to buy gas, etc..

To some this would not sound very Gorean. However, Master’s way of doing, is just that, His way. dina is most grateful for everything that Master gives, allows, and provides. Never does dina take Master for granted. Any gentleness or indulgences from Him are gifts, gifts that dina is most thankful for. dina may make certain decisions regarding the household, but she does so knowing full well what Master expects of her, and she accounts for everything she spends or does. As Master has said, He has control over dina completely, even on issues that He chooses to allow dina to "decide" for herself. dina may not live in fear for her life, however if Master were so inclined, He could at any time send dina packing if she is not found pleasing, or for any reason for that matter. dina is in no way perfect. However, Master has said that a slave strives for perfection always, even though she knows she will not always achieve it. dina is Master’s property and no one can convince her to be any different than how Master wants her to be. Now that the kajira has awakened she will strive with all of her being to serve Master as He sees fit.

"He is Master, and I am Slave.
He is owner, and I am owned.
He commands, and I obey.
He is to be pleased, and I am to please.
Why is this?
Because he is Master, and I am Slave."
~Explorers of Gor page 179~

“You must, accordingly, strive to understand,
relate to, serve and please the unique master in each man.
You must bring your own individual personalities and talents to bear on his challenge.
Try in your uniqueness to be perfect and special for him in his uniqueness.
Read him. Learn him.
Become acutely aware of him.
Be sensitive to his moods, and his changes.
Find out what he wants from you, and then see that he gets it, and more.
Find out what he wants you to be and then be it, beyond his wildest dreams.
Remember that you are the slave.
You exist for his service and pleasure.”
~Kajira of Gor, page 293~

"And what are the duties of a slave?" I asked.
"She will learn that from her master," she said. "Typically, she will cook and clean for him, and shop for him, and launder and sew for him, such things."
I smiled to myself. Ina, since her captivity, and her uncompromising subjection to men, had proved eager to perform such labors, and to be found pleasing in the doing of them. In them she found a felicitous and welcome reassurance, a delicious confirmation, of her subjection. Interestingly enough, such labors, too, given their meaning and what was involved in them, were extremely sexually charged for her, rather like the carrying out of a specific task commanded by a master, except on a more regular, pervasive basis. In the almost ubiquitous sexuality of the female obedience and service are arousing. In the performance of her duties she knows she is serving her master. Her day, thus, can be spent in a glow of pleasure.
"But are there no other duties?" I asked.
"A girl's first duty, of course, Master," she said, "is to be pleasing to her Master."
"In what way?" I asked.
"In any, and every way, of course, Master," she said shyly."
~Vagabonds of Gor, page 443~

"The Gorean Master desires more than a slave's submission, more than merely her body.
A Gorean Master is satisfied with nothing less than all of a slave.
He will possess you, body and mind, heart and soul.
Nothing less is acceptable."
~Savages of Gor page 174~

"One of the pleasant things about owning a slave," I said, "is the opportunity to converse with her, listen to her, to hear her express herself, her feelings and ideas. One can learn much from a slave. Many slaves, like yourself, are highly intelligent. They can express themselves articulately, clearly, trenchantly and lyrically. It is a great pleasure to talk with them."
~Beasts of Gor page 203~

"The being of the slave, like the being of the Master,' she said, `it is a totality."
~Players of Gor page 176~

"The slave makes no bargains; she does not desire small demands to be placed upon her; she does not ask for ease; she asks nothing; she gives all; she seeks to love and selflessly serve."
~Blood Brothers of Gor page 139~

"The case with slaves, of course, is much different from that of free women, either those of Gor or Earth. Their names are simply given to them, as the names of animals. They may be altered or changed at will. Indeed, sometimes a slave is not even given a name. The names a slave wears, of course, are functions of the master's pleasure. They can own a name no more than they can own anything else. It is they who are owned. Some masters have favorite names for girls. Some masters may reward a hard-working girl with a lovely name; others may torment a slave who has been insufficiently pleasing with a cruel or ugly name. Most girls, of course, are given beautiful and exciting slave names, for the masters wish the girl, too, to be beautiful and exciting. … Needless to say, a slave girl, as she changes collars, may change names. Most girls, in passing from the hands of one master into those of another, will have had various names."
~Explorers of Gor page 366~

"Though I am slave," she said, "yet for the first time in my life, I am free."
~Nomads of Gor page 303~


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