"Canka," she said, "will never punish me."
I smiled, I do not think that the girl understood, fully, that she was a slave.
Did she not know that, as a slave, she was subject to discipline, and that any master, regardless of his feelings would impose it on her?
The domination of slaves is not a haphazard or tentative thing.
They are owned. They will serve, perfectly. If they do not, they will be punished, severely.
~Blood Brothers of Gor, pg. 58~

dina is in no way a perfect slave. she makes mistakes, at times even disappoints Master. It used to be that dina wallowed in self guilt. Selfishly hiding behind her errors so she may spark some kind of reaction from Him. she would beg Master to physically punish her so she may begin the process of forgiving herself. So much emphasis was placed on her needs, not Master's. 

Punishment is not about forgiveness. It's about consequences for actions that were unpleasing, learning, and being pleasing. It's not easy accepting what ever punishment Master deems fit to give a girl. Once the punishment is over though, she is so grateful to Master for taking the time to correct her.

I was collared.
He had not been angry with me.
He had only been punishing me.
I had deserved a whipping.
He had given it to me.
~Slave Girl of Gor, page 438~


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