"'Beware the sleen that seems to sleep' is a Gorean proverb"
~Guardsman of Gor page 50~

The beauty, pageantry, and harshness of Online Gorean chatrooms and forums can take a girlís breath away when she first arrives. If a girl has not read and understood the Gorean philosophies and ethos contained in all 26 books, she is going to have a difficult time telling the difference between those who play at being Gorean and those who actually understand what it means to be Gorean..

There are so many sites and forums out there that tell a girl one thing or another about serving a Gorean man. Donít be fooled by them. The Gorean man that you serve will teach and train you to be the slave that he wants. There are as many variances in the individual training of a slave as there are in the individuality of the Gorean men who train them. There is no one ďrightĒ way. Beware of sites and/or forums that make you feel this way. Remember that even though slavery is an accepted part of the Gorean culture, it is not required to be Gorean. What a man does with his slave is no more important to the philosophy as what he does with his car, his dog, or any other property that he owns.

A good example of this is third person speech. Master requires dina to speak and write in third person most of the time, and especially with him. In a few of the forums that dina belongs to claim that full-time use of third person by slaves is a player thing. As strongly as they may feel about their opinion, it is only just that, their opinion. Third person speech was used in the books and not just as punishment. It pleases Master for his property to use it, so therefore dina does. Those who say that Master is a player because of it probably have not read the books as thoroughly as they should have or just donít like it and figure that no one else should like it either.

Now if you run across a site or a forum where silk color denotes training and status of a slave, a girl should beware. This is not dinaís opinion, this is fact from the books. The only differences in silk color were white, referring to a virgin, and red, referring to a girl who has been opened, or a non-virgin. It is not even so much the color of the silk worn but rather a way of stating that a slave is either opened or not. Any other colors mentioned in the books mean nothing more than the preference of the man who owns the girl. Donít be fooled by sites or forums who claim differently.

Just by the two examples above it is easy to discern that a girl who does not do her homework (reading and understanding all of the books) is going to have a difficult time if she seeks more than just online role-playing. It has been said that a girl who seeks Gorean ownership has a responsibility to protect the property of her future owner. The best defense that you can gain is knowledge. Prepare yourself for what is out there is cyberland. Knowledge can help protect you against players, sex offenders, abusers, and murderers.

It is said in the books that one of the joys of owning a slave is talking with her, getting to know her inside and out. This should be done before the collar is begged just as much as the potential property getting to know the man. Ask questions, talk to the people he associates with online, look for and investigate red-flag warnings. Would you move in with a complete stranger? Why? A girl needs to make sure that before the collar is locked around her neck that she is completely trusting of this man with her very life and the lives of her children if she has them. Donít rush the process and use your brain.

Surrender does not happen over night, it takes time and communication on both sides. Donít allow yourself to be fooled by the ďlove and total surrender at first sightĒ stories. After dina moved to Master, dina learned that surrender doesn't just happen, its an on going journey, one filled with high ups and low downs and every emotion in-between. she had submitted to Master long before moving to him. But even after talking for a year online, on the phone, and the occasional visit, it wasnít until dina was here, with Master, that she finally started to understand what surrender means, and what it means to be owned.

Donít allow yourself to be fooled; you are making conscious choices about your life. It is important to remember that personal accountability, and responsibility in the eyes of the law as well as society itself does not belong to a girlís Master, they belong to the girl. Donít allow yourself to become a doormat, or a victim. Complete and total surrender is most fulfilling. Donít allow yourself to be fooled by gamers, role-players, and your own infatuation with a lifestyle that you may not fully understand yet. Read all of the books, learn, communicate, read the books, use your intelligence, read the books, and be patient. Did dina mention that reading the books is very important? If you cannot be patient enough to read the books before hand, then the chances of a girl lasting within the Gorean community, let alone finding a Gorean man to beg a collar from, are far from a probability. It would be more like an ice cubeís chance in hell.

Gorean chat rooms and forums can begin to teach a girl about that incredible burning in her belly. Remember though, it is just a very small step on the path, not the final destination.

"Do you know, ultimately," I asked, "who will prove to be your one best trainer?"
"No, Master." she said.
"You, yourself," I said, "the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become."
~Savages of Gor, Page 210~



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