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  Welcome to The Doors Trades!Here you can find my collection of rare and unauthorised Doors recordings, and other bands too!



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Nothing on this site is for sale! I trade for fun!I don't trade official recordings, I only place them as a partof my collection. Take a look to my rules section, e-mail me and let's set up a trade!

New Arrivals

Janis Joplin-Blow all my blues away Discs 6
Janis Joplin-Texas Pop Festival+Bonus Tracks Box Of Pearls
The Doors-One Hundred Minutes-Vancouver 6th June 1970 Disc 1
The Doors-Blues Before Sunrise-The Black Angel's Death Song
The Doors-Objects Of Desire
The Doors-Love Me Tender
The Doors-The Killer Awoke
The Doors - Live At The Boston Back Bay 68 - (Mp3 Sourced)
The Doors - Live Memorial Auditorium Dallas- (Mp3 Sourced)
The Doors - Live At L.A. Forum 12.14.1968 - (Mp3 Sourced)
The Doors - Minneapolis 11.10.68 - (Mp3 Sourced)
The Doors at Boston 4-10-70 - (Mp3 Sourced)
The Doors Long Beach 2-7-70 - (Mp3 Sourced)
The Beatles-Abbey Road No3
Various Artists-San Fransisco Nights Discs 8
Janis Joplin-Farewell Song
Pink Floyd-BBC Sessions Discs 4
Roger Waters-In The Flesh Discs 2
Pink Floyd-The Wall Demos

Aerosmith-Woodstock USA 1994 2 VCD
Bob Marley-Catch a fire, DVX 1 VCD
Kiss-Winterland Ballroom 1975   1 VCD
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Moscow Russia  1VCD
Black Sabbath-Come to the Sabbath Paris Theater 20.12.70
Black Sabbath-B-Sides and Rarities
Ozzy Osbourne-Staying Alive Studio Outtakes
Rolling Stones-Stones Dreams-Radio,TV,Live & Outtakes
The Doors-The Ultimate Collected Spoken Words-CD#2
The Doors-Toronto Peace Festival
The Doors-Absolutely Live Outtakes


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