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How are we reaching the rural people of Haiti with the Gospel?
Chronological Bible Storying is a way to share an ORAL BIBLE with the rural Haitians, who are oral learners.  We present the Word of God to them in weekly Bible storying sessions, beginning with Creation and continuing through to Acts 12.    We use Bible story songs written specifically for this purpose.  The songs tell the stories using indigenous Haitian musical styles. 
Haitians are a musical people and an oral people, thus sharing God's Word with them in this way is very effective.  We are sharing the Gospel with them in their own cultural context.

Each Sunday morning, we share the story of God with the people in Dugue, Haiti.  A small group of adults and children gather in the yard to hear the weekly stories told and sung. 

Fedlin Garcon is a young Haitian who has been working with us, going each week to share God's Word.  We praise God that He has brought this willing worker to us.  We pray that others will respond to God's call to plant churches using Chronological Bible Storying.

We have shared this method of evangelism and church planting in seminars.  Through these seminars. others are now using Chronological Bible Storying to plant churches, disciple, and train leaders.

To receive updates about our work,  send an e-mail request to one of the addresses below:
Dodor Wilson records a Bible Story Song in the studio
In music camp each summer, students work in groups to write Bible Storysongs which are developed and used in our Storying sessions
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