XENA & GAB Photostory

'the one I love most in the world'

I love the smell of warrior sweat in the morning(FURIES)

It's LUST in your eyes, not DUST!
'Let's get 'WET'!'(FINS,FEMMES)
'Your breasts are dangerous enough!'
'That's what you're here for'
'I need you'
'She likes what I do!'
'Hold on, I'm 'coming'!'
'You'll be part of me for ever'
'best thing that ever happened to me'
roundest, whitest, firmest?
yours or mine?
'You're a very pleasant sight'
'You know you want to'
'Oooh, please!'
'You don't know how much I love, that'
'My god, you are BEAUTIFUL!'
'I'll always love you...'
'I love you too...'
'You're my source...'
'You give my life meaning & joy'
'I'll never leave you...'
'Don't you know that...'
'We'll always be together...'

'Did I hurt you - loving every minute!'



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