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Welcome to my humble Slam Dunk fanfiction page! I call myself a rookie 'coz I'm new to this SD fanfic thingy, so you might see some discrepencies present in the fanfics that I have to apologize to *bows low*

Most of the pictures in this place are drawn by myself but the pic you see up there *points up* was made by the talented Kazuki-chan! (If you know Kazuki's work, then that redhead up there is Hanamichi & the doll he's holding is *snicker* Rukawa ^^)
AND the wallpaper you see in this page is taken from one of the doujinshis she made a year back called "The Bet" (if I'm not mistaken).

Ok, onto the fanfics! Remember C&Cs are welcome but no flames please. This is a YAOI page meaning BOY X BOY (I cannot stress that enough).

And, oh yeah, pretty please sign my Guestbook! (yes, I'm so shameless ^^;;)

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