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Largo, Florida

"Independent and Fundamental"

We are so glad that you have visited us. I hope that you don't mind that we are old fashioned Independent Baptists. We may seem a little strange at first, but once you get to know us we are not that bad. We have many posts here for your reading pleasure. Most of them are to make you grow in the Lord if you are a Christian. We seek to keep as far from the world as we can. If you are not saved, we can show you how to be 100% sure of heaven.


If you would like to have Pastor Williams speak at your church or candidate as pastor, here is a resume for you to review.

To contact us:

e-mail: dpnj@verizon.net

Phone & Fax: 413-521-4003

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Our purpose is not to be here for debate, but to share with you what the Bible says on various subjects. We are stating what may seem to be strange views, but the object is to stay as far away from the world as possible. We believe that the only way to have the power and presence of the Lord is to stay away from wine, rock music, unscriptural tongues, wrong translations of the Bible, and to walk with God in Bible Reading, Prayer, and getting involved in the soul-winning program of a local Independent Baptist Church.

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