Spain 2000
Puppy - Jeff Koons
procession in Bilbao
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Well, here I am in Bilbao deep in the heart of Basque Country with "Puppy" by Jeff Koons outside the fantastic Guggenheim art gallery. Puppy is made from steel, earth and flowers. Nice photo apart from the bin.

It was fiesta time in Bilbao when we were there and we didn't get much sleep the night we stayed there. My ears had popped on the flight over and this somehowdeveloped into a cold. The city partied for 20 hours of the day, then between 6am and 10am they'd disinfect the streets and the crusties sleeping rough on them.

The bottom photo is me and one of those processions of big mannekins they have in Spain.

While I was in Bilbao, someone sneakily superglued my wrists together. These photos were taken on the morning after the night before, so you'll excuse me if I don't appear on any more of the Bilbao pictures.
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