THE 70'S

Certainly we're really far away of the lifestyle of the fifties. Things have changed in a lot of aspects.  The cold war still there. When it gonna end? I guess never. But don't worry, things have to be right... The sixties ended
and Dream Is Over, now all it's matter of Staying Alive

What we care about now?
I don't know...
We protest a lot during the
sixties, but now what???
All we have is  the joy that give us to realize that we have lived a wonderful era...C'mon get happy!

We're not those innocent kids anymore...Yes, most of us have experimented with drugs and sex during the sixties, and many continue doing it till today...the seed is planted.

So let's forget about our problems, let's forget about
the world, its troubles, let's forget about anything.
Get up and boogie!

And about us,women, we have achieved such an importants things during the last years. Women liberation movement is in its top nowadays.Cause we deserve equality in employments and rights!


We have been into revolution and political presure, but I don't think the flower power is death. I still believe that all we need is love.

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