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15/05/2012 HUGE SITE UPDATE IN PROGRESS! Expandable fullscreen 720p backgrounds, frame fixes for Chrome & Safari, animating intro pages, all screenshots replaced with higher quality versions as well as compact thumbnail versions for quick page loading on mobile devices.
Have also created a Other News section (with a Tron Legacy theme) to announce various bits of awesome news relating to topics on this site and things I enjoy (gaming, fantasy, science fiction etc).
Created preliminary Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy sections with some pictures and music.
04/09/2011 He's back! :) MASSIVE NEW Babylon 5 Fan Games section covering every B5 related game I could find with information, pictures, videos, & other files added to site!
Have also made another site design change applying coloured borders to all boxes (matching the coloured side bars - IE only) that match the dominant colour of the background picture (Civ 2 & LOTR sections are still yet to be upgraded to the new style).
04/10/2010 Completed QFG fan game research and updated my Quest For Glory Series section with many more games tributed. Minor updates will follow but the main work is finished! Just gotta finish playing through QFG 3,4 & 5!
Have also recorded and uploaded to Youtube rare trailers for QFG 1, 3, 4 & Hero of Infamous Kingdoms.
21/09/2010 MASSIVE NEW Heroes of Might & Magic Series section covering every game with information, pictures, videos, hints & tips added to site!
Updated Quest For Glory 4 page with new Youtube videos I recorded of the game (since none existed previously).
19/09/2010 Star Trek page updated to new design plus Action Storyboard section completed.
STAR TREK DOOM PROJECT RE-ACTIVATED!!! I've been working on the level for the last month updating many things! Project page also updated to new design. Videos & more material coming soon!
06/09/2010 Main, Games, Mods, & Movies & TV selection pages updated to new design.
05/09/2010 Improved Site News Section (with Babylon AD theme) using a new easier to read design (utilizing Arial font, tables & transparent pngs). News will be more often and detailed from this point onwards!
Entire Quest For Glory Series section updated to same new design.
30/08/2010 Major update to Quest For Glory Series section. QFG II and 6 QFG fan games added.
13/06/2010 Massive site update!! Old sections (Main, About, Doom-Civ2 Mods, LOTR-Star Trek pages) all updated, images upscaled, plus new downloads & music available. New Quest For Glory Series (1 & 4.5 added so far), & Oblivion game sections added.
26/10/2009 Moved hosts from Geocities to Webring
29/09/2001 Site Launched!!!!

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