Quest For Glory Series

I love the quest for glory series!!! The graphics, the music, the adventure! I grew up playing these games!! I got my first computer in the early to mid 90s, a 286 with an EGA 16 colour graphics card and I loved any Sierra quest games that I could get my hands on but I had never heard of a Hero series (yes, I predate the internet people! lol) but when a friend lent me their copy of a little game called Hero Quest I was hooked! It had graphics like the Kings Quest games yet also had full combat and RPG stats. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before! But alas after months of playing I discovered the disks were damaged and I was mortally wounded when I couldn't complete the game because Baba Yagas hut was in the damaged part of the floppy disk! Years went by and I'd heard from a friend that there was some sequel out there where you were in a desert but I saw and found nothing. I didn't believe him as there were no more Hero Quest games anywhere. :(

Then in 1997 I was browsing in a computer games store and a game box caught my eye called Quest For Glory Anthology. I saw the sierra logo and thought "what is this? a Sierra Series I don't know about!". I looked at the back of the box and nearly dropped it.. there were pictures of my old favourite game Hero Quest except renamed to QFG looking 10x better in 256 colour VGA and on top of that the unbelievable discovery that there were 3 more sequels I didn't know about that you could carry your saved character between and there was even a preview of a up and coming 5th game!! I nearly tackled my mother to get the necessary funds to get the game and I stared at the box the whole way home lol! No one saw me for months after that day as I was going on an amazing adventure created by Lori & Corey Cole that I'll never forget.. what a series!

I always planned to make a website for QFG with pictures, music and walkthroughs but when I stopped working on my site in 2003 it never happened. But then in 2008 the awesome people at AGD Interactive did a VGA remake of QFG2 the only QFG game to never be released in VGA by Sierra and so now in 2010 I'm replaying through the whole series again so there's no better time to make a website then when each game is fresh in my mind. There's some great fan projects out there that are either related to or influenced by QFG so I'll be tributing them all here so that other fans can use the list as a reference and even be inspired to create new QFG projects! Hope you enjoy the site!
If you know of any QFG related game projects I haven't listed below please Contact Me.

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Quest For Glory 1
So You Want To Be A Hero

Quest For Glory 2
Trial By Fire

Quest For Glory 3
Wages Of War

Quest For Glory 4
Shadows Of Darkness

Quest For Glory 5
Dragon Fire

Hero-U Series
(The Coles are back in 2012 making new games!)
LINKS: Official Site (Demo available)


Quest For Glory 4 1/2
So You Thought You Were A Hero

Quest For Glory 2 Remake
Trial By Fire

Quest For Infamy

Heroine's Quest
The Herald Of Ragnarok

Mage's Initiation
Reign Of The Elements
STATUS: ACTIVE (Demo available)

Hero 6
Rite Of Passage
STATUS: ACTIVE (Demo available)


Hero of Infamous Kingdoms

Quest For Yrolg

Betrayed Alliance
Book One

Quest for Glory 1 Redux

Quest for Glory ZZT

Quest for 3D

Grim Quest
Multiplayer QFG Style Game
STATUS: ACTIVE (Demo available)

Quest for Glory 1 - 2.5D
STATUS: ACTIVE (Demo available)

QFG6 Hero's Legend
STATUS: ACTIVE   LINKS: Forum Post / Video

Quest for Glory 1 Extended
STATUS: ACTIVE   LINKS: Official Blog (Demo available)

The Art of De-Fence
STATUS: BARELY ACTIVE (Demo available)

Quest for Infamy
So You Want to Be a Villain?
STATUS: DEAD (But has been reborn!)

Heroine's Quest
The Legend of Fair Spring
STATUS: DEAD (But has been reborn!)

Project Katrina

The Lost Soul

Hero of Odarin I: Nightfall
(Previously Adventurer's Quest I: Flight of the Vampire)
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: Old Page / New Page (Web Archive)

Struggle for Life & Honour
LINKS: Project Page (Web Archive) (Demo available)

Peril Quest
STATUS: DEAD (But has been reborn as Heroism!)
LINKS: About / Video 1 / Video 2

Quest for Glory 3D
(Previously Re-Quest For Glory)
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: Project Page (Web Archive)

The Unknown Hero
STATUS: DEAD  LINKS: Old Page / Old Page 2 / New Page (Archive)

Glorious Quest
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: Project Page (Demo available)

Unknown QFG Project
By Dormant
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: DeviantArt Link

Legacy of Glory
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: DeviantArt Link

Unknown QFG Project
By Jimbeanus
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: DeviantArt Link (Demo available)

Conquests of a Hero
(Also known as A Hero's Tale & Quest for Heroism)
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: Project Page (Web Archive)

Quest for Orgy Series
STATUS: DEAD  LINKS: Project Page (Web Archive) / QFO Demo (Web Archive)

Luke 3D
STATUS: DEAD   LINKS: Article 1 / Article 2


The Last Call of Avoozl (Web Archive) (TC Mod for Diablo 2)   STATUS: DEAD
Quest For Glory: A Hero's Death   STATUS: DEAD
Project Midgard (No Archive)   STATUS: DEAD
The Glory Project (No Archive)   STATUS: DEAD

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