Quest For Glory 3
Wages Of War

To see more pictures from my playthrough check out the slideshow video below.

Choose your hero

What really happened to Ad Avis?

Making an entrance

The mighty kingdom of Tarna

Not so warm welcome

Is there an escalator?

Oh.. excuse me!

Beautiful nights in Tarna

Meet Uhura's people the Simbani

Nice kitty

BAD KITTY! Meet Soulforge!

The garden of the guardian

The world tree, my favourite place!

The heart of the world tree, stunning!

A great gift for skilled wizards

Hooow you doin?


You old smoothy

The Leopardmen village

Eeek! Errr nice kitty?

Wizard showdown!

Your new monkey friends!

A very dangerous place

There's always something big & ugly in your way

Your friends come to help

The battle to save the world begins!

The final showdown

Happy ending denied! Great evil steals you from your friends!

Quest for glory 3, our hero's adventure gets bigger and better as the stakes really ramp up in a rather epic QFG story. After saving the city of Shapeir and becoming its prince you are asked by the mighty paladin Rakeesh to return with him to his Liontaur kingdom of Tarna as a war is coming. In this game you must save not just one city but three as demons seek to destroy everyone and everything! You also learn that your QFG2 adversary, the evil Wizard Ad Avis's body is missing!
QFG3 was often criticised for its story being too short and your hero being too handheld through its events. Also not popular was the lack of options for the thief players as they really only get to use their unique skills in a couple of main story events and despite you spending time in a large city there's nowhere to rob at night! There is some interesting new content for Wizards however as they can construct and use a powerful wizards staff, an ability that carries on into QFG4.
Personally I love QFG3, it's not my favourite in the series but I've always enjoyed playing it. QFG3 was made during the time where the Sierra VGA point and click style games were at their best and most popular. Made around the same time as the QFG1 VGA remake its controls and interface are very similar. Its graphics are very pretty although admittedly after playing the recently released fan made Quest For Glory 2 Remake it does feel like a bit of a step down again lol! But the world tree to this day is still one of my favourite adventure game locations, when I watch the movie Avatar I often think of QFG3. Something that makes QFG3 rather different to the rest of the series (although they do something similar in QFG5) is its interesting use of large maps that your hero traverses, and only if you walk into a game event or important location does it return you to the traditional close-up adventure screen. Running around these large landscapes trigger random battles giving you a very Final Fantasy gameplay feel.

When you finish QFG3 you're left with quite a cliffhanger being suddenly sucked away from all your friends to the dark gothic land of Mordavia for QFG4, my favourite game in the series!

Incredibly detailed walkthrough covering all aspects of the game. No other walkthrough out there beats this one!
QFG 3 MAP - by Blake (Me!)
Dissatisfied with other maps out there I made my own.
QFG 3 PATCH - by NewRisingSun
This fan made patch hosted by Sierrahelp will fix many potential game ending bugs & increase compatibility on modern machines (the game will still need DOSBox to run in Windows though). You can also get the non-playable DEMO there.

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