Quest For Glory 2
Trial By Fire

To see more pictures from my playthrough check out the slideshow video below.

QFG2 vs QFG2VGA Remake

QFG2 vs QFG2VGA Remake

Is that what I think it is? ;)

Your new home in Shapeir

The Katta's Tail Inn is the place to be at night!

Fancy an arm wrestle?

Practice with your new powerful friends

Watch your manners

Soulforge his ass!

I think it likes you

Been here long?

Damn tree huggers

Deep trouble! Better go Jet Li on em!

Shapeir at night

Join W.I.T!

Hmm must have taken a wrong turn at Saturn

This is gonna end badly

Journey accross the desert

All in a days work for a hero!

Warm welcome to Raseir

I trust him completely

Stealing is fun

Getting arrested is not

I totally trust him too

Enter the forbidden city

Paladins danager sense would have REALLY come in handy here

Well you screwed that up!

Save Shapeir & your friends before its too late!

Welcome to my Quest For Glory 2 fan page. QFG 2 was my dark horse of the series, it had a lot of great elements (literally) and it was so exciting to load my character from my old beloved Hero Quest/QFG1 game into a whole new adventure! But after completing QFG1 VGA it really sucked going back to the typing EGA interface. Not to mention seeing some of QFG2's locations and characters in the QFG3 intro it really left you wanting a remake as it was the only game in the whole series without the VGA point & click interface.

As an impatient teenager in the 90's I struggled with it so much I didn't even finish the game (I think I couldn't figure out how to escape the jail in Raseir) and just loaded my QFG1 character into QFG3. In fact it was miracle I even got that far considering I couldn't defeat the elementals in Shapeir either but I accidentally stumbled across a bug in the game where if you spent the night out in the desert you could skip the Elemental end game sequences and continue the game lol!

In about 2003ish years after I played through the series I got word that many other fans felt the same about wanting the remake that never happened and that the amazing people over at AGD Interactive were working on a fan made VGA remake of QFG2! I excitedly watched their progress weekly over the years until the big release in 2008!

The fans were not disappointed, the graphics and music were all painstakingly updated to superb quality. They even took some of the best things from later QFG games to update QFG2's gameplay. A whole new combat engine was created that was much more challenging and fun to play then other QFG games. And you could of course load your QFG1 character into the remake and then save at the end of the game for QFG3!! It was an absolute joy to play!

The release of this brilliant fan game was the reason I decided to play through the whole series again all these years later! Go download yourselves the game right now! :)

Incredibly detailed walkthrough covering all aspects of the game. No other walkthrough out there beats this one!
QFG 2 MAP - by Blake (Me!)
Dissatisfied with other maps out there I made my own.
Head over to the AGD Interactive and check out the remake along with their other excellent Kings Quest remakes. ALL FREE!

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