Quest For Glory 1
So You Want To Be A Hero

To see more pictures from my playthrough check out the slideshow video below.

QFG1 vs QFG1VGA Remake

QFG1 vs QFG1VGA Remake

Dragon Intro

Chose your hero! Fighter, Magic User, Thief!

Visit Spielburg's guilds

Buy some spells

Check in at the local adventurers guild!

Join 'other' guilds if you're the type

Stop by the healers hut in front of castle

The castle of Baron von Spielburg!

Train with the weapons master

Someone's gotta do the dirty work

Climb the wizards mountain

My favourite place in the game

That snow giant looks hungry

Deep trouble

Help the forest dryad

Don't go into the forest at night unprepared

Don't go into the graveyard either!

Kattas Inn, every hero deserves a break!

Thwart evil witches

Visit beautiful Erana's peace

Become a hero!

Welcome to my Quest For Glory 1 fan page. Ahh QFG 1, where it all began, although when I began it was called Hero Quest (Sierra were later forced to rename the series due another company owning the name). As I mentioned in the series page my first computer was a 286 with an EGA 16 colour graphics card and I loved playing all the Sierra quest games that I could get my hands on but I had never heard of a Hero Quest series until a school friend recommended it.
I'll never forget the first time I started up the game and saw the scorpion climbing over the hero sign, I knew I was in for an adventure! Unlike the King's Quest games I had a full RPG character that could fight and learn from his mistakes and get better and stronger! I loved waiting until night time and going out into the forest to die horribly to all the hideous creatures roaming outside the town of Spielburg. There were so many amazing places to visit, I was addicted to visiting the beautiful lake & waterfall whenever I passed through the area.
Unfortunately my disks were damaged and I was mortally wounded when I couldn't complete the game because Baba Yaga's hut was in the damaged part of the disk! However years later when I got my hands on the QFG Anthology CD I was able to replay the game through the stunning VGA remake and finally finish the story. But of course now I had a whole series to play so this great game was only the beginning! :)

Incredibly detailed walkthrough covering all aspects of the game. No other walkthrough out there beats this one!
QFG 1 MAP - by Blake (Me!)
Dissatisfied with other maps out there I made my own.
QFG 1 PATCH - by NewRisingSun
This fan made patch hosted by Sierrahelp will fix many potential game ending bugs & increase compatibility on modern machines (the game will still need DOSBox to run in Windows though). You can also get the non-playable DEMO there.

Quest For Glory 1 VGA Videos
Pause the midi music (top right) before playing

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