Heroine's Quest
The Herald Of Ragnarok

NEW Heroine's Quest: The Herald Of Ragnarok Screenshots

Heroine's Quest is another interesting project I only heard about recently. The original 'The Legend of Fair Spring' project was thought to be dead by around 2005ish like so many other QFG projects however in 2009 Corby released new screenshots showing a entirely new Heroine's Quest game called 'The Herald Of Ragnarok' containing very impressive artwork and a new story set in a cold Northland.

In 2010 the successful Crystal Shard announced they had been working on the new Heroine's Quest - THOR game with Corby adding their extensive game making resources replacing most of the original Heroine's Quest - TLFS project team. This was very good news for the community as like AGD Interactive (The King's Quest 1-3 remakes & Quest For Glory 2 Remake) and Infamous Adventures (Quest for Infamy and the King's Quest 3 + Space Quest 2 Remakes) Crystal Shard has become quite a successful fan game making studio with some very fun & award winning games out there like Tale of Two Kingdoms, Warthogs, Quest for Yrolg, and even strategy games like the cult favourite Master of Magic inspired game Leylines.

Heroine's Quest will play very similar to Quest for Glory with you choosing between playing a warrior, sorceress, or rogue and attempting to save the ice cold Northland from an invasion of deadly snow giants. As expected the game designers have said the game "will be ready when its ready". :)

  • In February 2013 the Heroine's Quest team released an excellent trailer showing off the game, I've posted it below. Check it out!

  • Late 2013 the Heroine's Quest team hinted that the game was nearing completion and that they needed beta testers. They have also created an IndieDB page for the project and have been posting interesting features on there. Back in July I also missed them releasing another video showing off the voice acting, I've posted the new link & video below.

    ** Special thanks to Corby LaCroix (Heroine's Quest Artist) for sending me additional information, pictures, and the demo.

  • OLD Discontinued Heroine's Quest: The Legend of Fair Spring Screenshots

    HEROINE'S QUEST THOR DOWNLOAD - Not available yet
    Heroine's Quest - The Herald Of Ragnarok has not been released yet, however Corby has made available on his website Corby Designs the old 2004 public demo of Heroine's Quest - The Legend of Fair Spring which you can get HERE. The new game is totally different so in a way this demo is a great living tribute to the former game we will never play.

    Pause the midi music (top right) before playing

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